Monday, November 16, 2015

The Bears Who Knew? Outside Analysis 11/17

I'm not going out on a limb and saying the Bears are going to make the playoffs but no one in the city thought they'd even be anywhere near .500. I went into the game swearing the Bears would be foolish not to draft an NFL Ready quarterback next year. In every game Cutler has bobbled a snap (regardless who is the center) and thrown an interception. That is until the faced the Rams. This Langford kid they drafted out of Michigan State and Kadeem Carey seem like our future. We already know half these guys are going to be gone within the next couple years so we wonder what our team will look like and let me say I hope Adam Gase is our head coach in waiting. If they let him go anywhere I will stop watching Bears football. The coordinators we have on offense and defense are working some serious wonders  which is why I'm willing to think that the Bears can beat Denver to reach .500. And by going .500 the rest of the way we might be in the conversation for the playoffs. Strangely enough I picked this team to go 7-9 even if we had all the talent in the world based upon the difficulty of our schedule. I'm not sure what to make of this team with the spit and glue lathered on this bunch. Football is a game of time. It takes time to get a player where he needs to be and time to turn a team around. But does one have the time in his career to do what he was picked to do especially with all of these head injuries that seem to pop up every week? I've heard it said that the reason we have these injuries is because the equipment keeps getting better so people are willing to take risks. Maddening as it seems there have been some high profile crimes involving former players and the topic of head injuries came up. I have friends who are starting their kids in tackle football and I wonder if they would have any second thoughts with the reports coming out now. And do we have time to sit around and wait to see what a winning Bears football team looks like? And for all of you who are looking at Jay Cutler and thinking about this new kinder gentler signal caller who can heal quickly and make some good throws as our future realize the man is playing for once to save his skin. He's not playing for the good of the team he's auditioning for the next team who might trade for him or pick him up in free agency. The current crop of college players cannot be so bad that we are afraid to draft one of them. I know how touchy it is to pick a qb and have him turn into Johnny Manziel in the blink of an eye. Almost like picking a pitcher who never makes it out of the minors. The difference being we don't have to watch him stink it up every five days.

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