Thursday, November 12, 2015

Epic Fail - Outside Analysis 11/12/15

There is nothing to connect these baby bears to previous Cub teams who have choked. No connection to the 2003, 2007 and 2008 teams. The 1984 team or the 1969 team. These kids weren't even alive in '84 and truly babies when the Cubs choked in 2003. They were built to go into the post season and defeat the best of the best like they did in Pittsburgh, (even though we knew they were better than the Pirates to begin with) and St. Louis. To face the Metropolitans and not even put up a fight put these baby bears into the conversation about the curse. These kids weren't cursed. They know nothing about the goat or hardly any history of this franchise at all. There was no one to whisper in their ears about what usually is the eventuality of this franchise. They're in it now. They've had a taste of losing and losing badly which is something they didn't have to face this year at all even when they were no hit by the Phillies. They didn't put their heads down and cry about it they just turned around and did it to another playoff team the Dodgers.
They are off on their search for pitching talent and possibly another center fielder in case Dexter Fowler doesn't come back. But now having gone through this experience why should we sit through another possible 98 win season, though I would say probably another maybe 90 win season, to see if they'll only choke again. I don't see the fire in them that the Royals had in getting back to the World Series and winning it. Truly I put all of this on the manager. He may have had them ready in the previous rounds against Pittsburgh and ST. Louis but when they were really supposed to shine the pulled a “Casey at the Bat” and struck out big time.
I'm not mad that they got swept. I'm upset still which is why it took me so long to write this. I'm mad that they didn't show up to play at all. No matter how bad the pitching was and certainly the only other team who had a hotter second half were the Mets but this version of the bash brothers shouldn't have even blinked. Once again I'm not mad they got swept I'm mad they didn't act like they belonged. They swept the Mets during the season regardless so this was not a team they hadn't seen.
Even though we took two of three over several months because of weather against the Royals it was obviously their time. It didn't matter who the Royals faced they would have won the series. I am happy for them as I picked them to be the American League representative against the Cubs and with the Cubs ability to win on the road and truly built like an American league team it would have, should have been on hell of a series. Now these boys know what it is to be a Cub and fail in an epic way. Theo Epsteins teams in Boston won multiple championships though they had to lose epically their first real shot at it then barely get past the Yankees, I sure hope this group of baby bears don't have to go a similar route to win it all.

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