Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I agree with all of it but one thing: This Cubs team cannot be better than any Epstein team in Boston until they bring home a title.  No title means this team is not better than the RedSox team down 3-0 against the Skankees to rally in game 4 down one run, to steal an extra inning game, and then complete a 4 game in a row comeback against the Skanks.  I really like this Cubs team.  They now have gone as far as any Cubs team in my lifetime.  But to be better than the 84 Cubs and 03 Cubs who were one game away, or even 5 outs away, means that they need to win the NLCS to be considered better than those two Cub clubs.  Just my 10 cents...

Next Year Is Now Godfrey Logan Outside Analysis 10/14/15

Next Year is now Cub fans. It is understood that no team is promised anything in the post season but this team that beat a 100 win team in the St. Louis Cardinals prove that this is their year. Of the Three teams with the longest world series drout, the Red Sox, White Sox and Cubs two of the three have exorcised their demons and one of them more than once. It’s been ten years since the rival White Sox won their championship and the city has been waiting for the Cubs to do the same thing. What took them so long. Sure it hasn’t happened yet but this team is better than any team Theo Epstein fielded in Boston. There is no reliance on any one single player to do the heavy lifting. Joe Maddon has proved that no player on this team is above the other no matter how long they’ve been in Chicago and how many losing seasons they faced to get here. Had we stopped at Kris Bryant this team wouldn’t have gotten past Pittsburgh much less made the playoffs. Kyle Schwarber is the truth. In my opinion the rookie of the year though I am afraid pitchers will have figured him out next year and his numbers will fall but this is not next year and who knows his numbers might actually improve over time in Joe Maddon’s capable hands.
It has been said that no team can be an all or nothing team. But the Cubs scare the hell out of opposing pitchers because anyone of them could hit a moon shot. This is not a small ball team by any means. You;re not going to have a lot of stolen bases among these players. And they still struggle with men in scoring position but one the flip side they are the best road team in baseball. I can imagine Cardinal fans laughing at the 4-0 game one shutout in Busch Stadium. That must have had them saying this is the real Cubs team and just like most seasons their dreams would end there. Considering these two teams have never met in the playoffs these Cubs will never be taken lightly as long as Theo is running the show.
Taking into consideration the teams that are left the Cubs could still use some fortune on their side. I can say I am more afraid of the Dodgers than I am of the Mets. The Cubs swept the season series against the Mets including a four game series. But these aren’t those same Mets. Or are they? The Dodgers are desperate and they’re playing like they’re ready to get the season over there. With the next game for the Cubs not to be played until at least Saturday likely the Cubs have time for a few more magic shows and slumber parties put on by Joe Maddon to keep his boys loose. Maybe another petting zoo. But to be serious for a moment fans. If the Cubs win it all this year, wonderful but Theo won three with Boston. This team being as talented as they are should surpass that number for all of this to be worth it. The White Sox have been languishing near mediocre since 2005. With only a single playoff appearance since then and a manager walking away from the team with the season still not over because of his mouth and the fans tiring of him. Sure we had the same with Lou Piniella but he had the best three year span of any manager for the Cubs in a long time. This may be the year but if it stops there it means nothing. Even the biggest Sox fan of them all is jumping on the bandwagon. Sorry POTUS but we don’t want you. We don’t need anyone else jumping on where there already is no room. Leave it to the long sufferers to enjoy over and over again. The Bulls won six and still they’re behind the ’85 Bears as the most prolific team in the city and they only won once in the Super Bowl era. I don’t want to be like them where we haven’t beaten New England more than once since that white wash in ’86. This city and their fans deserve to see this for at least five championships before we’re happy and once again the best baseball team in the city and they’re talking about us like the Cardinals. I want to see two more presidents in office before we’re done.Go Cubs Go and don’t ever stop.