Thursday, September 17, 2015

So the Bears for a moment showed fight and two ways to look at it is 15 more game to improve or this might be the best of it. A lot of accolade throughout the broadcast for Cutlers control of the flow of the game then he is excoriated when he throws a late pick.
The most positive sign of improvement was on the defensive side of the ball until late in the second half. It could be said they looked competent. Would I go out on a limb and say the surpass their record from last year? I'd say only by a couple of games on the low end and by maybe four games on the high end which would make them a playoff team. Considering they won only five games last year.
During the game I started to miss Brandon Marsall. It was pretty obvious that Cutler missed him as well because there were a number of times when he'd just throw the ball where no one was in the hopes Marshall would appear out of nowhere and grab it. The reality of what Coach Fox has to work with was on display for the league and the fan base to see. And it was pretty ugly at times. I am not completely sold on John Fox either. He might have done well in Denver but let's not forget he had one of the Manning brothers at QB and still got rolled by Seattle in a Superbowl and could never beat New England. If you cannot win the big game how can you beat a division foe like Green Bay. The rest of league would have you think they're better than aforementioned teams but the reality is the have a really good quarterback and that's it.
I trust Fox's coordinators more than I trust Fox where the ownership is treating him like the next Mike Ditka. Frankly what I saw was the next Mark Trestman. And I fear by mid season there will be a mutiny on the offensive side because everyone will start to wonder when Fox will bench Cutler. Granted we have nothing at back up but RG 3 might be a better option. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to get out of Washington. And we might be crazy enough to bring back Mccown if even for the sake of familiarity. I wouldn't be surprised that Cutler wants out of Chicago as much as Chicago wants him out. The offense looks serviceable enough to surprise some people if we had another quarterback. Matt Forte is finally looking like he;s worthy of not only another contract but the praise for all the numbers he's put up. He's not in the conversation with Walter Payton but we'll be forgetting any other running back we've had since sweetness. But we can do without using Forte as our red zone weapon when it comes to passing. This is where Marshall was automatic. All in all the Bears are a “C” level team and they played like it on Sunday. Godfrey Logan 9/18/15

Sunday, September 13, 2015

This Could Be It September 13, 2015 Godfrey Logan

Two thing Chicago Cub fans have in common with Kansas City Royals fans is long suffering and a better than above average chance to not only make the World Series but win it. 2014 the Royals made it on the strength of their pitching and this year combined with their improved hitting as well as pitching it’s possible that the Royals make it back to the World Series and their opponent could be the Chicago Cubs. Call me crazy for this one but this team is far better than the Dusty Baker led team in 2003. Full of veterans most of them coming over in mid season trades but a far better pitching staff in ’03 than now. This years team will not be able to rely on their pitching unless Jake Arrieta pitches every game. But I am willing to go out on a limb and say that the Cubs could very well not only make the 2015 World Series with their band of rookies but win it because of said rookies. Now some of these guys may be having the best years that they will ever have and then turn into the Washington Nationals: plenty of hype and not much else. The expectation is that this club will compete for years to come and win multiple championships like the Boston Red Sox under Theo Epstein. Unless Epstein is able to do what the Blackhawks have done and maintain a solid core and add to it for the next several years then expect the Nationals scenario to play out and for things to get ugly quickly. Once the smell of a winner starts to pervade the north side of Chicago you’re treated like liars if you cannot make it hold up. Not to mention the influx of rats that have taken over the neighborhood with the construction on the ball park. Some nest having been disturbed all in the name of progress and of course money. It isn’t just the nature of the Cubs that is being changed it is also the upgrade in housing pricing people out of an already over priced part of town. But sports is never a static situation. The Cubs will never be the Yankees without enough fingers and toes to count their championships. The Cubs will eventually as all teams do come up short somewhere and depending what they’ve done up until then and if they cannot pick themselves up the neighborhood will again become a ghost town. Though many have said that if the Cubs do win it all it means the end of the world and all that building will be for naught.
Some might say a K.C. V.S. Chicago world Series might be boring and only seen by their faithfuls but you’d be watching two teams with fantastic records but what will stand out the most to me is whether the souped up pitching staff of the Cubs can handle the Royals hitters. And whether the Cubs will have to out hit their own pitching to win. I propose that if the Cubs are the road team in this scenario they have the edge with Kyle Schwarber hitting dh. This kid has the hottest bat of of any of the rookies on the Cubs. His loud shots will keep the Cubs in it and take it to a game 7 if the pitching can hold on and once again Jake Arrietta will have to pitch probably three of the games in the series. But you heard it from me the Cubs can and possibly will make the World Series in 2015.