Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What Now Cubs?

Outside Ananlysis 6/30/15

They embarked on an ambitious plan to rebuild not only the team but the stadium. They've done both but have given fans little to rejoice over. Sure a winning record will bring bring the boys to the yard but eventually excuses over a team that has played little time together on the top level will get played out if they miss the playoffs AGAIN. There is a great future for these youngsters but with an effort that was mainly focused on putting together a glut of position players and a manager who has seen the big stage with the Devil Rays and has yet to blow up like many a manager would have by this point on the merry go round, the talk now is about a need for pitching. The Cubs acquired the top free agent pitcher and have put together a quality pitching staff but where I see the trouble is with a team that is about the long ball and that's all. The pitching isn't the problem though it has been lately but when this team has leads they don't have the arms to hold it. Then the trouble of youth comes into play in that they are making a lot of errors including Starlin Castro who has caused a manager or two to lose their jobs and is still dealing with his attention deficit. The Cubs are four games over .500 though they were up to their high water mark of nine games over before they split with the Dodgers and slept walked their way through ST. Louis. What can they do now? They have no strengths that anyone can look at and say they would pick this team to win a one game playoff. Again it's wait until next year. By then the entire ball park will have been rebuilt and perhaps they will take off like the Cardinals have done this year. That team isn't even in the Major Leagues anymore. A league of their own for real. If you're in Chicago this is an annoying refrain unless you're a Blackhawks fan then you wonder when the baseball teams will follow their lead? After all their President & CEO John McDonough worked with the Cubs before joining the hockey club and look where they are now.