Friday, May 22, 2015

If you remember, I wanted them to draft Beasley not Rose.  Beasley did not become the player I expected him to become.  Thus, it appears Rose was the better pick.  But since Rose's injury, I have lost faith in him.  His first step is not as fast, he doesn't have a jump shot, and he can't stay healthy.  For three years we have waited for him to be healthy, and at this point, there cannot be any excuses.  I agree, trade Rose for whatever you can get.  Keep Butler.  The Bulls are starting to Age, and I hope they keep the coach. He is NOT the problem.  I understand he plays like 8 players a lot, but the Bulls need depth for him to utilize the bench.  The Bulls would not have made the playoffs even in the weak East unless he played his better players.  And honestly, does he play them more than the other teams?  maybe the Spurs, but they are quite old.  But the Spurs run has come to an end, and they will go through some years of rebuilding now.
Honestly, I am surprised the Bulls beat Cleveland twice.  Where they should have won was game 4 in Chicago, they BLEW that.  Had they gone up 3-1, they still would have lost.  Cleveland is better, and I am not a CAVs fan, Browns, Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks.  Those are my teams...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bears Pick Like They Mean It. Outside Analysis May 5 2015

The Bears picked pretty much as they did in 2014 but with a serious intent to win. Once again I tout Chicago as the capitol of the sports world right now though the Cubs are doing their best to ruin the party. But to focus on the Bears and the city's new stars. All of the talking heads say the Bears will not make the playoffs in 2015 but they are going ahead as if they plan to compete. The "Administration" at Halas Hall knows that they have quite a task ahead with the murderous schedule. The Bears face Green Bay twice including a Thanksgiving day date and some honor of Brett Favre. An upgraded Detroit team twice. Arizona, Seattle and Denver to name a few. An 8-8 result is the best guess for the Bears especially inserting a new defense. I say don't count them out.

Still there was a question of why a quarterback wasn't drafted. Never mind the chatter of a trade of Cutler and let's not get me started again with the trade of Brandon Marshall. I like the idea of drafting a rb in the fourth round and a two running back system. While I am not a Matt Forte fan at all and would rather see another back in the backfield it is certainly better than the Kadeem Carey pick last year. Among a number of bad picks including the David Fales pick who should have gotten the start when Cutler was benched.

All of the trade Cutler talk has been conjecture. There was also word of Martellus Bennett being traded and avoiding training camp unless he gets a new contract. Again conjecture. "The Administration" has been quiet over the city which put the other city teams on the front page. Bulls and Black Hawks in the playoffs and of course baseball season.

John Fox's Bears can be better than Lovie Smith's teams. A complete purge of years of bad moves which in the end make the Bears a better team. Cutlers contract makes him hard to move but there's hardly anyone to replace him. Face it Chicago he's our man. I'm not complaining. I don't put the failures of past years on him. The man has many failings but a career year still. Questioning the Brandon Marshall pick is more about the cohesion of a very successful receiving core and needing to have an equal to Alshon Jeffery. That cohesion will be at the core of this offense.

The draft certainly put the Bears towards a cohesion they can win with but needing to put young players into a play now mode might bring out the ogre again in Cutler. Walking away from his OC on national TV. That'll get him traded faster. But he's not your problem. They keep changing coaches for a reason. That reason isn't totally on Cutler. Chicago isn't unlike any other corporation. Leaks and the like. Who might be traded Who might not be back. Who wants a new contract. Since no one has lit up twitter with any substantive content no one knows what the new Bears will be like. The future is bright for this team. They drafted like they meant it.