Friday, February 27, 2015

Posted on 2/27/15

Derrick Rose goes down for the third time in as many years with a knee injury. I have to give him credit for any mental strength he has at this point. And the fact they’re even talking about him coming back at some point this season is a little strange to me because who knows how long of a rehab he’ll have to go through. By the time of his estimated return it’d be around playoff time and there’ll be even more pressure on him then. Considering he won’t have time to work his way back into things. I question why the Bulls would even want to put him in that position.

True enough the team seemed to be sleepwalking their way to a 4th seed which isn’t very special in a particularly top heavy eastern conference and even with Rose there was no guarantee they would even win their division. Somehow Cleveland has managed to right the ship and Lebron James return though regarded as a mess at the beginning his teammates seem to want him around rather than give him the Kobe treatment where they’re happier without him.

Everything Rose did this season seemed to be over-scrutinized to the point of petty and the team continued to lose games they should’ve won. But things only matter once the playoffs start. Do we really see the Atlanta Hawks in the finals? As much as the Bulls were struggling with all of the pieces they were still the favorite in the east in my mind.

What bothers me most however is this continued rent a point guard stance. I think we are beyond hurting Derrick Rose’s feelings if we were to draft a point guard to give us a quality player at that position should he go down again. No one seems to notice that Kirk Hinrich has probably missed games than Rose has with a sundry of injuries. We’d do just as well to grab someone from the stands.

Unfortunately Chicago is a big city media town who doesn’t go easy on their stars. They find all types of ways to create stories especially during the Lovie Smith era where they were frustrated by the lack of information they could glean from the Buddha like head coach. But when it came to Rose it seemed like it was a roast every night. I’ve seen articles calling him soft and questioning why a man would want to have a life beyond basketball. If it was negative they’d jump all over it. He could score thirty points and show flashes of his “former self,” and it was never enough. They complained when he slowly worked his way back into the flow of things which he should have done last season and I blame the organization for that one. And poor Coach Thibs having to get his dander up because he had to defend his star in dealing with questions on when he would play

They wouldn’t say a word when Pau Gasol or other teammates would miss a game or two and holy cow did they make a stink when Derricks travel plans awry and he missed a practice after the All Star break. Be glad he didn’t turn into Allen Iverson. Instead he apologized to his teammates especially when it affected his play during a loss. I would be the last to say maybe he would be better off somewhere else. Some small market city where they appreciate their stars. I could understand the consternation if this was Los Angeles and they’re celebrating their 14th win. But this is a playoff team and most teams don’t gel until after the all-star break when everyone is trying to solidify their playoff position. We have the coaching to win with or without Rose. I guess it’ll be up to the old adage hoping something else happens to knock this story off the front page.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

In your last text, you said you liked cutler but felt the OC should have ran the ball more.  That statement means you believe Cutler can't get the job done if he throws often, and we are in a pass driven league now. 

Cutler reminds me of Shaq.  If Shaq shot 200 free throws a day during his off-seasons, he would have gone down as a Michael Jordan in History, like one of the very best ever.  No one thinks Shaq is better than Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem or even Bill Russell.  But most think Jordan was the best guard ever to play.  Cutler came out of Mike Shannahan's system with over 4,000 passing yards, a ton of TDs, and few INTs.  He was acquired for two number one picks.  Which is insane when you think about it.  And, looking it up online, there are only a handful (small handful of QBs that make more money:  Flacco, Manning, Brady, Rogers, Brees, Ryan, and Roethlessburger.  Do you think all of those QBs are better than Cutler?  Honestly, I do...  And there are guys like Luck, Stafford, and Rivers for example that have a ton of potential, far more than Cutler, who are making less than Cutler.  And Russel Wilson will probably pass Cutler in Salary, and when Luck's rookie deal runs out, he will definitely pass cutler.  But right now, Cutler is way way way way over-paid and doesn't belong in the conversation with any of the other names above.  Unfortunately for your Bears, the old regime signed Cutler to too big a contract, one he could not live up to on the field.  Cutler doesn't work on his mechanics in the off-season, and he just wont improve.  Like Shaq, he will NEVER put in the work to reach his full potential.  That is where Bears fans should be down on Cutler.  If I am Cutler, I would throw 200 balls a day during the off-season, have a camera rolling, and watch my footwork and throwing motion.  He could be soooo good if he gets his mechanics right.

This (and money) is precisely why a team like Cleveland, with more cap space than any other NFL team, should not trade for Cutler.  The Browns have some holes on the DL and in the WR corps.  That is the team's two glaring weaknesses.  If I am the Browns GM, I draft heavy WRs and DL guys, not a QB.  I sign a serviceable QB as a band aid while we wait for Manziel and Connor Shaw to grow.  (The Browns got two rookie QBs last year.)  Connor Shaw could be a sleeper.  He was in a pro system under Steve Spurior.  He found out he would start week 17 against the Ravens on the road the Wednesday before the game, and was elevated from the practice squad to the roster.  He threw a TD and zero picks.  The Browns lost a close game against a team that had to win and have SD lose to make the playoffs, and Connor Shaw almost pulled it off, not having any reps for the entire year.  The Browns have two young QBs on the roster, and Connor Shaw may need more time, and he is not Manziel with party issues or goofing around.  Only 6 first round draft pick QBs in the last 30 years have lead their team to a Superbowl win, and one of those is Trent Dilfer, who was released by the team immediately after the Superbowl.  The Ravens won that SB with great Defense.  I just think Cutler is too much money when the Browns should fill other holes and find a young guy in the late rounds or just a two year band aid like a McCown.  I don't like the Sam Bradford to Cleveland talk either.  I say let a young guy develop.  If the Browns would be dumb enough to take on Cutler and that salary, then I say sign Suh off the Lions for the same amount of money.  With three All-Pros in the Browns secondary (Haden, Gipson, and Whitner), if we get a DL, we could be lights out.  We have two young RBs that are a deadly one two punch.  We should play great D and run run run run run.  We have two pro-bowlers on our OL and a pro bowl alternate.  That alternate was a rookie last year, did not miss one offensive snap all year.  I really think we just need to find an average QB, and the team can take off.  I really believe that.