Thursday, January 22, 2015

So the Bears have collected themselves quite the cast of coordinators, Vic Angio formerly of the 49ers and Adam Gase formerly with John Fox in Denver as well as  Special Teams coach Joe Decamillis also with Fox in Denver. Each one of them capable of heading a team. GM Ryan Pace has certainly made a splash that has me excited for the NFL draft in April. I might be in the minority that says the Bears are talented enough to win with some additions for depth which broke us down the last two seasons with major injuries.

With a pedigree for defense past coordinators/coaches have tended to over think it. Ron Rivera and Rod Marinelli were the best to come out of the Lovie Smith era and it's a shame they are no longer in Chicago. The Bears blitzkrieg installed during the Ditka days was a killer. Get to the quarterback and set the field position for the offense to take advantage.

We've got a coaching staff that puts Chicago at the center of the football world withe The Chicago Cubs and White Sox ready to compete in 2015 as the Bulls and Blackhawks have been in their respective sports. Without  being such a homer Chicago is the sports capitol of the country right now even as Seattle and New England get ready to play in the Super Bowl. One of the originals in every sport. History oozing from every pore. Characters to no end.  Which is why it's such a big deal that the Bears have collected such a cast of coaches who have opportunities elsewhere and decided to come here.

If this team wins one SuperBowl fresh off the success of any of the teams previously mentioned my point will have been proven. While I'm sure every one of these individuals probably simply said "beat Green Bay" and they were hired I believe the team to Beat is New England. I screamed  for years Tom Brady was just a system quarterback. If the system works why break it? With all of the pomp and circumstance of the ever changing coaching staffs Chicago tends to choke on expectations. But teams have still proven you win best when they don't see you coming.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well, the Browns fans would take a playoff birth and a playoff choke like the Peckers choke yesterday.  I figured you loved every second of that.  It was nice the see the BATLIMORE COLTS get it handed to them.
Honestly, if the Browns draft another first round QB, I will kill them along with all of Cleveland.  No one wants the browns to waste picks to move up.  Build a great team first, and if the QB is still a problem, draft one late, or sign a FA.  The fact of the matter is, we have wasted so many picks on QBs that sucked sass...
If they draft a QB in the 4th round or later, I would be fine with that...

So the Bears have looked over John Fox. Kicked the tires if you like. Something inside me is yelling no, no, no. The man took the Broncos through two seasons of dominating football and yet he was fired. A team with a sure fire Hall Of Fame Quarterback but he’s gone. After a Super bowl appearance and now manning the Chicago Bears side lines. (Pun intended). I can’t be the only one screaming this is Trestman part two or Lovie Smith part two. A man who lives and dies by his coordinators because he’s only good for one side of the football. And to put the Smith saga to rest, the Bears started the 2012 season 8-1 and finished the season 2-5. How quickly we forget that at the start of his time here there were screams to scrap the Tampa 2 that was his strength but was failing at it. He’d have been gone sooner if he didn’t have Brian Urlacher quick as we cast him off.
Fox is coming to another team with a ‘temperamental quarterback.’ Coach killers what they call him as if he shoot them in the back. I was once a Cutler apologist during the Lovie Smith years (please refer to the previous statement a coach being only good for one side of the ball) but there is enough talent to protect Cutler. We need a gritty run first head coach first and foremost on the offensive side. Capable coordinators on the defensive side to see his philosophy through. Teryl Austin gave me that vibe what he did with Detroit.     
The Bears like the Broncos have talent (although there is serious need at the line backer and safety positions. I’d also suggest getting Devin Hester back on special teams. Let him retire a Bear) but I’ve seen the Patriots steam roll both teams on their home fields twice. We don’t need a Manning to beat the Pats As Doung Marrone proved with Bills. That’s what I want in a head coach. With a new and young General Manager who needs to make a splash. So did the last GM and he’s gone.
They’re quick to tell you the Bears haven’t hired experience in a head coach. But Smith was a coordinator for a Super bowl winning team. And shouldn’t CFL Championships count? Granted a happy locker room wins in this city and this team will win if Fox is right.
We won’t put up with winning seasons and playoff chokes. Best believe there will be a quick exit if he can’t beat Green Bay at least at home. John Fox will be a good hire if he can do something with what we have without overhaul. He should call his own plays and minimize the effect of the coordinators to stick with their specialties. With the ability to hire and fire though signed off by the GM. If this were the Cubs I’d say rent, don’t buy but the Bears will give you at least two years. Make the best of them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Look, I have my opinions, but I am a sax player and an accountant.  I think Fox is the right guy for the Bears.  I told everyone Trestman would suck from the beginning.  He was a good coordinator in Cleveland, but his temp head coaching (took over after a coach was fired) was aweful.
This being said, I think Fox is a very good NFL head coach.  Why would you rather have his OC over him?  If anything, Denver lost on the Offensive side of the ball to the Colts, not the Defensive side.  I think all the teams that won last weekend scored 25 or more points BUT the Colts.   Their O kept their D on the field too long as well.  Kind of like the Browns D.  It finished 8th in the NFL in total defense but it was on the field more time than 29 other NFL teams.  The Browns D is better than 8th in the league if they can get an offense that could hold onto the ball for 30 minutes a game (league average).  Defenses tend to tire.
Fox I think should be your guy.  I know you are the Bears fan and you don't want him, but you know who John Fox is and what you are going to get.  I think he did great in Denver.
Manning is hurt.  He was still 4th in the NFL in passing this past season at the age of 38.  He had 39 TDs to 15 interceptions and over 4,000 yards.  He got hurt.  I bet he will come back on fire and light it up again.  last year, he set NFL records in TD passes and yards in a single season.  I know he is getting old, and I know he probably will not be playing at 41 as Farve did, but he had an injury, and had nothing on the ball, but he did in week 11 before he took that hit.  I think he has up to 2 seasons left.  He is a pocket passer, that is his game.  Russel Wilson and RGI type QBs will be retiring at 35 or probably earlier, when they lose that quickness due to age.  The Warren Moons, Tom Brady's, Dan Marino, Brett Farves, can last a while.
Maybe I will be wrong, but for Bear's fans sake, I hope I am right.  John Fox would be a great hire.  If the bears get him, we need to cheer that he works out.  Remember, I was a Bears fan for 3 years when the Browns did not exist (moved to Baltimore.)  I got nothing against the Bears.
I do want the BALTIMORE COLTS out of the playoffs.  I hate teams that move and fuck a fan base.  And the Colts fucked me too, and all Cleveland fans.  If they stayed in Baltimore, the Browns would have probably moved because Modell was a prick, but they would not have become the Ravens.  My guess they would have gone to L.A.  Modell bankrupted a team that had the best fans, better even than cub fans. Every game has been sold out for over 40 years, and our team did not exist for 3 years and have only been in the playoffs once in the last 25 seasons.  The cubs have more playoff appearances, and you know how bad they have sucked for us.  And Wrigley is actually looking empty at times, fans are starting to say "no."  In Cleveland, we support our team at all times.  And don't get me wrong.  I am sure I am biased but I do believe the most loyal fanbases are Cub fans and Browns fans.  We can never be labeled 'fair weathered.'  People change favorite teams all the time, but Chicago and Cleveland would go nuts if the Browns or cubs won it all.
Down with the Baltimore colts.  Indianapolis in a dome?  Really?  Like I always say, Johnny Unitas in Indiapolis in a DOME is like Ditka in a dress or Dennis Rodman in a suit.  The colts were an outdoor tough team, now they are turf pansies...

Well it's looking like Fox is our guy. This will be the third coach we get that cannot beat New England. I think the Bears have beaten New England once since the '86 Superbowl and they only started being good around 2001.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I don't think Fox is a good pick. I want a coach who is going to be run first. We don't need someone who will give Cutler a chance to be a coach killer. Take the ball out of his hands. We need a coach who isn't at the behest of the qb like Fox was with Peyton Manning. I want Teryl Austin or John Gase. I really wanted Quinn from Seattle but I hear he's already hired.

"Coaching Experience" is a "loose" term.  "Head Coaching" experience?  Can someone like a Cowher, Gruden, or Shannahan (Mike) be taken out of "retirement"?  Not sure.  Doubt it.  There are a lot of OCs on the playoff teams and DCs on the playoff teams people say are ready, but often, they flop.  How bout a Charlie Weis?  The Bears need an offensive mind who would play offensive offense.  Problem is with playoff coaches, they have the best teams.  Can they coach any team to outplay their respective abilities?  Or have a team playing at their best.  That is about all I can say a good coach does...

 John Fox has been with the Broncos since the 2011 season. The team has won 8, 13, 13, and 12 regular season games since he’s been there. In that time along with Peyton Manning in Fox's second season, John Fox has been to the playoffs in four straight seasons. This is on the heels of five straight seasons prior to Fox’s arrival that the Broncos missed the playoffs completely. This comes just one season after the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl where they got crushed by Seattle. John Fox took the 8-8 Broncos to the playoffs with Saint Tim Tebow at the helm and won a game against the Steelers in the first round before succumbing to the Pats.
Take a seat, bro. Yeah. The hot seat right over there.  Oh, yeah, let me fire you, you're off the hot seat, the losing is all your fault, and "NO, we BEARS FANS don't want you, because well, you could not win with Peyton Manning..." 
Okay, how stupid a thought is that?
John Fox and Dick LeBaeu are the best coaches available in my humble opinion, and both would do much better than Marc Trestman...

Everyone says the Bears should go after someone with head coaching experience and I wonder why when if they've got head coaching experience and they're not with a team doesn't that mean they've been fired? I get it sometimes a coach doesn't work out somewhere abd does a great job somewhere else. But who is out there that we would want? Rex Ryan who is about to get hired isn't someone I want because he was a joke in NY. I can see where the Bears made a mistake with Trestman but if he had a better defense would things have ended the same way? We don't need to go over the Lovie Smith era because that man couldn't offend any one and whoever he chiose to put in the OC position was basically there to take up time in order for the defense to get back on the field. He pretty much wanted the defense to do all the scoring. I'm not saying he's going to fail in Tampa but I think with the right coach the bears will be in the playoffs sooner except for the fact the nfc south is terrible. So who with coaching experience could the bears go after?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Well, there is not anything to say about the Cubs and Browns, and even Bears now.  All three are being run horribly.  Though, Clelveland has a new owner and a new regime, and in year two in Cleveland, we saw improvement.  Your team, you get a new front office and coaching staff.  But you guys are like Cleveland, too many fired coordinators with new schemes to learn.  Cutler has had no consistency.  That is part of the problem, the constant change in the coaching.

I agree which is why I said Trestman should stay originally but he'd lost the lockeroom. You could tell by the body language of the offense. A shitty defense didn't help. Would Bruce Arians have done anything? Maybe but with Marinelli as DC  we'd have done a hell of a lot better. You guys have a tough division tougher than ours. I think once your QB situation gets worked out you guys will probably keep improving. We do have the talent to win and if we can get some guys in here that they can trust we'll turn it around pretty quickly. Now Trestman is looking at OC for lovie smith and they'll probably get a little better but they're division is also pretty BAD. The Cubs I'm not so sure they're being run badly since we've amassed this new talent and the right manager to get us somewhere. I hope we never have to go through this again. I want to be like the Black hawks man. Those guys wont be bad anytime soon.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello Chicago fans. It is time for us to count our blessings now that the Bengals have lost their fourth playoff game in four years. Think of all the teams who have had winning seasons only to lose in the early rounds or just stink it up altogether year after year. Sure there are some clubs who never make it to the playoffs and the KC Royals broke that one in a big way. Once again let me brag that Chicago is the only city in the United States to have won a championship in every major sport. Even the lowly Cubs have not played a wild card series game since the earthquake series against the Giants in the nineties. Since then every time the make the post season it is in winning the dangerous central division. We are a city of that screams we want what we want and whichever goofball said the Bears head coaching job is no better than the Raiders is breathing some of that nasty California air.
Chicago will never be a city of constant disappointment like said Bengals and Atlanta Braves. Our teams have broken our hearts time and again. Disappointed us time and again but would you rather not make the playoffs until we get it right in that we can go all the way or do you want a team that flat out chokes every year. We may have Jay Cutler but we can say we don't have Andy Dalton and that cheers me right up. Either you do the damn thing or you don't

While we're on the subject of Head Coaching we have tried the nuanced and it didn't work. We've tried the defensive genius and that didn't work. It's time to try the man in the middle. Everyone is up in arms that we let Bruce Arians get away but tell me where is Arizona now? One and done against the Carolina Panthers. Believe me if Arians would have been the answer to keep Rod Marinelli here I would've taken him. hell we should have interviewed the man for the head coaching job since he was part of Lovie success and failure his last year here but look what Marinelli's done for the Cowboys. Trestman was a flop and pobably will never have another head coaching job. I don't know of anyone but some college who would let him run their offense.But none the less Cutler had better numbers than Andy Dalton did this season. More turn overs but more touchdowns thrown.
So once again Chicago fans count your blessings. The Cubs and White Sox made good news in the off season. The Bears are a work in progress but stocked with talent. The Blackhawks won't have a losing season anytime soon. When soccer figures out a way to quit having so many ties then the Chicago Fire might be competitive again. Whatever.