Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Firing Marc Trestman is not the answer for the Bears unless the players have flat out turned on him which seems to be the case. The problem is, to use a baseball analogy they're trying to outhit their pitching. Starting with the offense. The Bears need a running back which can carry the ball over twenty times a game taking the ball out of Cutlers hands. Cutler is culpable for this too with his bad decision making but he wasn't this bad the whole time he's been in Chicago.

Marc Trestman has been known as the quarterback whisperer and I still think he can be. There needs to be a shake up of this team though and the means Mel Tucker has to go. The Bears need a better linebacker corps as well but the rest of the defense is sound. It is those who are coaching them up who is the problem. They look like they have no idea what they're doing or who to defend until the ball is already in the hands of the receiver or the running back is yards down the field. If it were up to me I'd leave Tresman where he is and allow him to acquire his own coordinators but if there's going to wholesale changes then Phil Emery needs to go as well. This will be Cutlers fourth offensive system he will have to learn in Chicago and it's not going to get better if that's the case. Especially without a Demarco Murray type runner.

Chicago like any major sports city when they're not happy they want to clean house. But in this case it might not be the best answer. Although we don't know what goes on in the locker room we cannot fully understand the thinking behind any decision on Trestman future. We know what the man can do we just need to put him in the right situation which wasn't the case in the first place. Take a deep breath Chicago. We do have two more games left and I suppose if things don't get better whatever happens happens.

But who will we get to coach the Bears? Harbaugh isn't coming though we need his toughness over some offensive guru. Whoever it will have to put Phil Emery on the hot seat if he doesn't deliver. And Emery is the one I think should share a donkey with Mel Tucker riding out of town not Marc Trestman.