Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Please stop with the alarms every time Derrick Rose gets injured. He is only human and has been out of action for two seasons nearly. He is working his way back into things and like a major league baseball player he's pressing because he keeps seeing naysayers in his dreams. The important part is that the rest of the team continues to gel and Aaron Brooks seems capable of handling this team. Also that Derrick is ready and healthy when the playoffs start. Think Aramis Ramirez when he was here in Chicago. He was always hurt at the beginning of the season but would bust out of it and have a quality season for the Cubs. No one questioned his heart or desire to play.
Derrick Rose should be treated the same way. He is a home town kid and he is a star who is still on the rise. He is young and while he might not be the same as he was when the Bulls drafted him he will be around for a long time. In his worst days he's still better than Hinrich.And that guy is always hurt.In a sad way he is like Jay Cutler in the sense that you wont be able to find another one to replace him. Look at another Chicago hometown star Dwayne Wade he's also started a number of seasons injured but that didn't stop the Heat when they had Lebron James from getting to NBA Finals. Their fans understand and that the playoffs are more important and his importance to the team as well as the city. Let Derrick be the same with all of his charitable works. He means a lot to the city to see one of their own who came from a difficult background make something of himself.
However, the Bulls might be smart to draft another point guard this year which would be a good idea so that we can stop signing good free agents who do their job and then we jettison them to sign another one the next year. Rose may continue to be our point guard of the future but drafting another guard would be a good idea to take some pressure off of Rose and let not only his knees and hamstrings but his ego heal.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It was a slow news cycle for sports in Chicago the past week so there was a need to gin up a rivalry. Let's be clear, though Lovie Smith has the third most wins in Bears history he wouldn't have won squat without Brian Urlacher or Devin Hester. Sure Charles Tillman came on as a pro bowl corner back during Lovies tenure but without Urlacher the Bears would be where they are now a ship without an anchor. Today's Bears win proved one thing, the Buc's are a more complete team than Smith had in Chicago they're just a young team learning how to win. The defense is just like the one Smith had in Chicago and dare I say better and more stable because the Bears were shuffling players in and out like their coordinators. Three or four different coordinators during his tenure including his former Boss Mike Martz.

This current team is the mess of the current GM Phil Emery and his bad drafting. There is no need to go into it again but it is time to stop overstating what Lovie did here. While he was beloved he was lucky as any coach would have been had he come into Chicago at the time Smith did. That being said Tresman was in quite the same position and has not been able to cash in. The problem isn't Tresman's fault as much as the rest of the league has caught up to his style of offense but I do question his play calling. When the Bears need to run the ball to control the flow of the game they are throwing on first down and the next three downs. Take the ball out of Cutlers hands and give it to Forte. The broadcasters have anointed him the second coming of Walter Payton but he has only about 600 yards rushing in 11 games while most college rushers are well over a thousand yards by this point. A team needs to be able to pick up 100 yards rushing every game in order to dominate.

The defense is terrible and are being lauded for dominating two really bad football teams while having to play from behind because of the bad play calling. The Bears have been shut out in the first half of a number of games and things only got worse as evidenced in the Green Bay games and against New England.The good news is that three out of the next five games are at home. The bad news is that only two of those games are against losing teams, New Orleans and Minnesota. It is safe to say the Bears wont make the playoffs again this year. I don't see them sweeping Detroit and finishing off Minnesota. Or defeating a much improved Cowboys team. New Orleans is a toss up.Fans are expecting there will be some firings this off season but there's one I can say definitely needs to happen and that's the firing of Phil Emery.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Can you name your number one pick (first round draft picks) for the past 7 years?  Who are they?  Are they starting?  Are they even still on the team>?  Now, name the solid players of yours who left or are now too old to play:  Urlacher, Peppers, Tillman, Briggs.  (I can't think of others, but I am sure there are).  I think you did not draft well.  I think the Def aged.  You guys need to get some competent people drafting solid players. The staff needs to get their first round draft picks correct, if not, the team will remain in the cellar of the NFC North.
Do you think Andy Dalton and Jay Cutler are earning the contracts they received?  The Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer has 10 TDs and 4 INTs this season, and 2,300 yards passing, averaging over 260 yards passing a game and less than half an INT a game, and has zero fumbles on the season.  He is making 980,000 a year, not even a million.  That is another problem, you would trade Cutler for Hoyer now, I have no doubt.  The QB is another problem for the bears, and Forte is not a spring chicken anymore, he is old by RB standards.
The Browns have as a team 7 Turn-overs in 9 games.  If you do not turn the ball over in the NFL, you will win games.  Only the patriots and chiefs have turned the ball over less than the Browns.  People don't realize that is why NE is good, Brady and company don't cough up the ball year after year.
Bad coaches is another problem. Trestman lasted as the Browns OC in the 90s only one season because he sucked.
You guys need a new GM and coaching staff to draft and develope talent.  Over-paying for a veteran QB who sucks when the team is about to get super young is dumb.  Keeping McCown would have been wiser and let Cutler walk.  Even Kyle Orton would be better for the Bears, he is outplaying cutler in Buffalo.  That GM has to go...

Well I think Shea Mclellin is one of our older first round draft picks under the new Gm and he's definitely not coming back next year. Briggs wasn't shit without Urlacher. Pepprs is with Green Bay. Tillman is out for the season again. We definitely didn't draft well in this last draft or last years draft. In Cutlers defense under Lovie Smith he played well when the offensive line allowed him to keep on his feet. Andy Dalton is just hot garbage. I don't think the defense is as old as they used to be under Smith they are just clueless because of either lack of talent or bad coaching. Or shall we say both. Emery drafted two line backers a year ago and both of them stink. Jared Allen I think with the right coach would still be a stud. I mean how does he do so well in Minnesota and then come here and stinks. I agree with keeping Mccown but he wanted a better pay day and a chance to start since he proved he could be a starter. I still think Emery is the problem. He has absolutely no talent in drafting and maybe Trestman is a problem but the offense isn't the one giving up 100 points combined in two games. And I think the league has figured out our offense because that CFL crap doesn't fly in the NFL. But Trestman isn't calling the plays. Unfortunately Trestman isn't going anywhere because Cutler has had to deal with a different OC every year since he's been here and he hasn't had the talent he has now when Smith was here. Marshall was only here for Smiths last two Years and Jeffery was hurt his rookie season under Smith. So that means there aren't going to be any changes anytime soon unless we get rid of Emery.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Geez, I knew the Bears defense was aging, but man, something has to give in Chicago, giving up like 106 points or something in two games.  The Bears have three wins though man, and I have endured 2-14 and 3-13 seasons a lot of times (never worse than 2-14 however.)  Keep your head up, it sucks I know, but hopefully sweeping changes will come.  Trestman was a horrible hire.

The problem with this team is they have no ability to adjust whether it is before or during a game. You look at the Packers. The whole week there were stories about The Bears having to run the ball to stay in the game and how the Packers have the worst run defense. What did the Packers do they moved Clay Matthews over to the middle linebacker spot and he led the team in tackles. Were it against some other team I don't know if that trick would've worked but it did against us. I don't think Trestman should be fired. I think they need to draft a better running back than the little spitfire they drafted in Khadeem Carey who is even worse than Forte. We need a running back like Marshawn Lynch. He would take pressure off the defense by keeping the ball moving and keep Cutler from having to actually run the offense. If anybody should go I would say it's GM Phil Emery.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Bears had a window to be a superbowl team.  I think they missed it, and the GM (old???) was at fault for that.  Isn't Emery cleaning up (or making worse) an old GMs mess?  Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, Peppers, etc. was a championship defense.  They have not replaced those guys as they aged, hence they are where they are.  Cutler performs fine with no pressure, but when he needs to score every drive to win, he will suck.
The old GM traded Orton and two number one picks for Jay Cutler.  Wouldn't you trade Cutler for Orton now?  Orton is winning starting for buffalo, against quality AFC opponents.  Orton is not that great either, but Cutler was not worth Orton PLUS TWO NUMBER ONE PICKS.  Those two lost number one picks are showing up for the Bears now, because a couple solid players on D to replace the old aged retired guys would probably have made the future different for chicago.  This is the old GM'S mess, I think, as an outside neutral party. Now signing Cutler to a long term expensive deal and hiring the wrong coach, Emery should be fired for that....  Just my humble outside opinion. In fairness, in Cleveland, we have endure 15 straight years of suck since we re-entered the leage in 99.

Well Emery certainly is making a mess of the old GM's mess. What Jerry Angelo couldn't do is put together a competent set of defensive backs though he did draft Tillman. He was good at drafting in the later rounds for whatever position players he needed. He also couldn't get Lovie Smith to compromise on his coaches and coordinators. Had they signed Trestman as an offensive coordinator the Bears would be as good as New England and Smith would have a couple of Super Bowls on his resume. Remember he reached the SB in 2007 with Rex Grossman as his Qb. As much as everyone loves Orton he won games because the defense didn't lose games. Remember under Lovie Smith the Bears had a defense as good as Ditkas just not as physically dominant. Leading the league in take aways for years. But Most of Smiths success came with Urlacher and also Cutler whenever he was able to keep on his feet. And we didn't have the receivers we have now.
But Angelo was too busy hiding domestic Violence cases according to him to do anything right.
You're right the Bears have been old for years now and they only seem to want to get older by picking up guys like Jared Allen with his one sack so far. Also if the defense was any good it would take much of the responsibility off the offense since you and I agree we don't have a running back who can take a team on his back like Adrian Peterson who probably wont be with the Vikings next year and the Bears should go after him with both barrels. If you have a decent running game then Cutler throws less passes and the defense stays off the field.Look at Ditkas bears. He didn't have a good QB the whole time he was here but he had that defense that would put us in great field position and "Sweetness" at running back to pound the other team into submission. Jim McMahon was their version of Cutler who couldn't stay healthy no matter what he did but he got us a Super Bowl win.
 Also getting rid of Hester was a brain dead idea though he's struggling now in Atlanta. He should have broken the return record here and the threat he was before the league decided to move the kick off line he would have broken that record years ago. It's just stupidity all around. at least the Bulls and dare I say the Cubs give us something to look forward to. Go Browns. At least I have one team to root for in the playoffs.
The bears are better than the vikings bare minimum, you gotta get out of last place and beat the packers.  They can win there, if Cutler is the good culter and you get pressure on Rodgers.  That is the key.

I don't know just yet if we're better than the Vikings considering they have a better record for the time being. But we have to sweep them and beat the peckers and split with detroit to get any sort of sniff to the playoffs. Last year our defense gave up a ton of rushing yardage now we cannot stop qb's from going off on us. Look at how many passing yards we gave up to gb and ne. There isn't a snowballs chance we go 7-1 to get us to 10-6. Mel Tucker is going to get fired this year for sure the gm Emery should go with him because he drafted our shitty linebackers and didn't realize that lance Briggs wasn't worth a damn without Urlacher. Espn chicago says Briggs knows this is his last year with us. Thank goodness. But who do we get to replace him. All our others suck.