Friday, January 10, 2014

Bulls finally trade Luol Deng. Seems a decade long rumor. It happened in true Chicago fashion. Low ball the guy on a free agent contract and say, "take it or leave it." Then trade him or kick him loose.I'd make a cheap shot comment about Cleveland Joakim Noah style but we got a couple of draft picks out of the deal.

Honestly I never was a big fan of Deng. For as high as he was drafted and as long and supposedly consistent his play was since he's been here he made the all star team just twice. Chicago fans get stuck on numbers like Deng being the fourth leading scorer in Bulls history as if he belongs in the same breath as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Dengs life story is a great story which by all standards would be looked upon as a success. Nearly a decade in the league and his family taken care of if he was smart with his money. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Miami with Lebron because the need to win a ring will start to take precedence over money. In case he does stay in Cleveland Chicago once again has a constant nemesis in the division. And think of all the sentimentality every time he plays here. And another uncomfortable confrontation in another locker room with Joakim Noah visiting a friend. Bleeding hearts who hope he does well. Just not when he plays here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven Years For Cutler. How ridiculous is that? Apparently Chicago has not learned not to sign players to such long term deals (can you Alphonso Soriano?). Cutler who is thirty is not likely to play another seven years given the short life span of a football player and his numerous injuries since he's been in Chicago.

I get the desire for a franchise Quarterback. Especially one who is suited for the type of offense installed by Mark Trestman. I'm not sneezing at the money, 54 million dollars, but Cutler tends to throw as many interceptions as he does touchdowns. This deal looks to me that the Bears have not only their franchise qb but also their backup when they draft a new man and need a quality backup. Keeping Mcown is also a very good idea.

Speaking of the draft I would suggest drafting a new defensive secondary. Particular safeties. No more Major Wright and Chris Conte not knowing where in the world they're supposed to be or using those lame shoulder tackles letting a guy just keep on running knowing no one is going to catch him.
Giving Mel Tucker another year is also a good idea as long as there isn't a repeat of this season next year. They weren't just bad but they looked like a college team scrimmaging the big boys like they used to do in the early days of pro football. Having all star college players scrimmage a pro club.

There isn't a number to rank how badly the defense played. Thirty is as low as they go since there are thirty teams in the league. But based on the type of personnel the Bears have there was no way they could be this bad without trying. I'd put this on the coaches but Wright and Conte are as bad as advertised.

I'd picked this team to go 10-6 because of Jay having to learn a new offense. As well as it worked this year I think teams will have caught onto the playbook by next season and it'll require more than highlight reel catches to make it work. The Bears do have the talent to do it with. Let's hope it doesn't take seven years to do it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That groaning sound around Chicago is the "wait until next year" groan. Next year was supposed to be this year with the return of Derrick Rose and the arrival of an offense for the Bears. Both teams trying to follow in the footsteps of the Blackhawks and win it all.
Chicago is used to waiting until next year. Just ask Cub fans who unlike me are willing to wait another one hundred years for a championship.

The Bears had a tougher schedule than they did last year but with some semblance of a defense this team should have gone 11-5. There'll be chatter over contract talks with Jay Cutler and a number of goofs saying we should let Mcown be the starter. That's just distraction for the real problem. And I dare not say its name because I've said it all season and it never materialized. There was no reason the season should have come down to the final game against Green Bay. Some may see the sentimentality and even justification since we took out Rodgers in the first place. I don't I see a major choke against a team whose Quarterback hadn't played a down in over a month as any reason to be sentimental.

Like Jay Cutlers return from a serious injury there was talk of a bit of rust. But rusty or not all that was worked out in a scrimmage type atmosphere. The Bears put up no type of fight on defense (oops I said I wouldn't say it).

But now that I've said it and we've gone over twenty four hours without news that Brandon Marshall went all Mike Tyson on someone at a bar I might allow myself some hope for next year since we have to sit through another baseball season with two team racing to see who is the fastest to the bottom.

The Blackhawks again for those concerned is our hope for a championship. At least a competitive season. The Bulls will put forth a game effort and if they're lucky reach .500 and the final playoff spot in the east if they stop losing to Toronto or The Knicks.

Chicago is a sports city. Period. With all of the sundry distractions. They're only to kill time until the game starts. For goodness sake The University of Chicago once had a Heisman Trophy winner. A  college basketball championships for Loyola University. Numerous championships in a number sports. Not to mention larger than life heroes.
We'll bounce back from this blow but the question is how long will we put up with the underachieving?
I've saved bare skin on my body for the biggest Cubs tattoo when they win a World Series but I'm not sure I'll be in Chicago when it happens nor am I sure I will care. Worlds biggest party for sure. But only if they win it and not before. Let's leave the choking to the cities with a lesser history of winning.