Monday, October 11, 2010

Randy Shannon Must Go
Written by gologan, Monday October 11 2010

Every year I go into the football season wondering, is Miami back. After two high profile games against Ohio State and Florida State Miami was out of it by halftime. The new more docile ‘Canes that supposedly signed a statement that they would not carry guns otherwise they would be kicked off the team. I kind of miss the old thuggish ruggish ‘Canes that were just as dangerous on the field as they were off the field. Those were the days when there was a Miami player drafted in the first round of almost every draft throughout the nineties. Randy Shannon was once a member of those old “convict” ‘Canes and though he won one of Miami’s 5 national title he’s tried to go away from that image. I believe he has taken the heart with it.

Randy Shannon has proven to be a very good recruiter bringing in top rated talent since he has taken over as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes. However with that talent his biggest win in 2009 was over Georgia Tech who ended up playing for the ACC Conference Championship. The answer to the question for 2010 of whether or not Miami is back is an emphatic, hell no!

Randy Shannon is not in a position where he has been stuck with another coach’s players. This is Randy’s players. This is Randy’s team. The talent has grown exponentially from the previous coach. He has no excuses as to why he cannot win.

As a Cubs fan who has not seen a lot of winning in my lifetime I take pride in my adoration for the Hurricanes. I am a very loyal fan. I have sat through many arguments defending why I would choose to love a team for which I did not attend the school and have never seen the team in person. I have been to Miami once though it was to visit family. I say tell that to the little kid who fell in love with the ‘Canes after being dumped by his girlfriend and all he had was college football. I didn’t know they were number one at the time but I was introduced to winning college football and the meanest rivalry in the sport. I still think it was nuts to move to the ACC, though it has helped the basketball team. Unfortunately it has helped the basketball team more than the football team.

Randy Shannon must go. Miami has the talent and will have the talent for years to come to win Conference and National Championships. Being from Illinois I’ve seen what it’s like to have a head coach who is a great recruiter but terrible on game days. I really don’t want to see another Ron Zook. Call me a sneak all you want but I say we should fire Shannon now and win with his players. Or send him back to being a Defensive Coordinator so that we can keep getting the talented players from South Florida. And what’s wrong with your players being a little crazy? You don’t need guns to be dangerous.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

10/1/2010 Godfrey Logan
Godfrey Logan

The Sky is not Falling:

So many people including myself are calling the Bears lucky after their 3-0 start. The difference between them and myself is that I don’t expect the sky to fall in. I do believe that the Bears can right the ship, fix all of their troubles and go on to have a productive year. After a lackluster and winless pre season the Bears seem to be out to make up for it. They’ve gone as far as benching Tommy Harris, even though they don’t call it a benching.They’re using words such as, “accountability and show and prove.” It caused traffic to stop on the streets and people to have puzzled looks on their faces because it seemed since the Super Bowl season in 2006, 2007 the inmates were running the asylum.

Since then the Bears have made a number of questionable personnel decisions including letting former Super Bowl Champion Ron Rivera go to the San Diego Chargers and hiring Rod Marinelli after he went winless in Detroit. Right after they went winless in Detroit.Finally, they have a defense that resembles the Monsters of the Midway and we have offense that can put up points. Unfortunately I have to be the fly in the ointment. When it comes to the offense because it is simply horrible. I give the coordinators credit because despite the offensive woes such as the offensive line which is just that, offensive and a non existent running game, the Bears have been able to put up points. They have done what is meant to be done in whatever sport is being played, they outscored the opposition.

Fans and media alike excoriated as many members of the front office as they could for the decisions made in putting this team on the field. The preseason result did not do much to assuage the anger other than doing what they have been doing. The concern now is the fact that it hasn’t been pretty. At the same time we have given a break to one person who we wanted to run out of town as quickly as he got here, Jay Cutler. By this time last year the Bears were 3-1 but the story was about how many interceptions Cutler had thrown. I always wondered if there was a rash going around the locker room because at every press conference he would be scratching himself.

I honestly believe that when the Bears get things going in the right direction offensively they will be the darlings of the league and the question at the end of the season will be which one of the high profile coordinators on their staff will be leaving for a Head Coaching job.