Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You Dennis Green! The Bears Are Worse Than We Thought They Were!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Monday October 26 2009

I don't want to hear about the Bears vaunted defense. Or ever hear the words, Monsters of the Midway" again! I don''t want to hear we get off the bus running ever again. The Bears are barely better than the Detroit Lions and by chance the last team they beat.
The Bears are average at best. The Bears defense hasn't been dominant since the days of Ditka and Buddy Ryan! It's getting hilarious to hear other teams say the know how good the Bears defense is but they still have to go out and play their game. This video of yesterdays game will make the rounds of every NFL lockerroom and possibly every blooper reel for the next decade. No they didn't get beat 59-0 like the Tennessee Titans and they are not winless like the Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but they are way overrated and way over hyped. They have put so much money and personnel into this defense and going as far as hiring the former Detroit Lions head coach to work with their defensive line, yes the same coach of the same Detroit Lions who became the first team ever to go 0-16 last year. Is it the defensive scheme or is it the ones coaching it? Is it time for Lovie to go? I would say so but there are ten games left for him to help himself out the door without an uproar from the fans. Everyone thought the Bears would be better just because we got a franchise quarterback. But Jay cutler cannot play defense even though he is heling out the other defenses by throwing a bunch of picks. I still do not believe that this loss is his fault. You cannot win a ball game with just 35 yards rushing while your former running back goes for 189 yards and swears revenge has nothing to do with it. The offensive line has been a bust for years now and signing Orlando Pace and Frank Omiyale has done nothing for the offensive line. You cannot just say this was a bad day that happens from time to time or the Bengals just had a good day at home. For a team that has not scored this many points the entire season they just showed every glaring weakness the Bears have on both sides of the ball. I think the key word is preparation. They were not prepared to play against the Falcons or the Bengals and they had a bye week to do just that. It's not possible that I am the only one who saw this coming. But Dennis Green said it best in 2006 and it still holds true today. The Bears suck!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cubs Bring On Third Hitting Coach And I'm Expecting Nothing Different

Written by Godfrey Logan, Thursday October 22 2009

The Cubs fired Gerald Perry who has had a ton of success with Lou Piniella in the past. He couldn't get the offense started this season though he was part of the reason for them winning 97 games in 2008.
Then they fired Von Joshua the man responsible for the hitting success of the young Cubs minor leaguers who have made an immediate impact since being called up. He is credited with being responsible for Geovanny Soto having his success in the minors which translated to being named Rookie Of the Year in 2008. None of these men had any success with helping the Cubs out of their late season slump and Soto barely batted .220 last year. My point is the Cubs not having the talent to win and the hitting coach having nothing to do with the lack of success. With all of the changes in hitting coaches Derrick Lee still had an amazing year. Is it possible that the guys on the field around Derrick Lee besides Aramis Ramirez are not major league talent? I would say yes. We do not have a major league quality short stop or second baseman thanks to Jim Hendry sticking with the Cajun Connection but they only fall apart at the end of seasons. He traded away Mark Derosa for nothing and he ends up on the division winning Cardinals. Alfonso Soriano is down right offensive in the outfield a spot Manny Ramirez has proven that you only have to be somewhat cometent to play the easiest outfield position in baseball. While it is true that the new hire for hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo from Texas has had a lot of success with the likes of Soriano and Milton Bradley whom it seems like will be with the team next season after having been told that he was on his way out I'm more concerned about what he will have to work with. Players have had success with Rudy Jaramillo in the past but I cannot think of the last time the Rangers made the post season in that weak American League West. Instead of replacing the hitting coach who might get replaced midway through the season anyways after having signed a three year contract with the Cubs because the players we have stink why not replace the general manager before he makes another bone head choice?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bears Woes Not Cutler's Fault

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday October 20 2009

Has anyone thought that maybe the reason the running game for the Bears is so bas is because Matt Forte is bad? They went out and drafted a Forte because they were looking for a bigger back like Justin Fargas of the Oakland Raiders after he had a solid running performance against the Bears a few years ago.
The Bears have not done well in recent years at drafting running backs but they always end up in a situation where it's better to keep that player than to let him go or trade him because he will most likely do well for another team. See Cedric Benson. Personally I was happy to see him go but am not happy to see him doing well for the Bengals. The Bears traded Thomas Jones to the Jets and once again I was happy to see him go because I thought he was soft. He couldn't move the pile. He had a career day Sunday in a loss to the Bills.

Matt Forte may one day turn out to be a solid back but right now he isn't showing that he can be that or that he can make defenses miss. Yes the offensive line is very porous so he never gets a chance to make plays but sometimes it would help if he were somewhat elusive so that it isn't so easy to tackle him.

And when are the Bears going to get rid of Ron Turner? Since he's been here he's made me scratch my head about his play calling. I think he has to take much of the blame for the fact the Bears cannot develop a quarterback. I know Rex Grossman was a terrible quarterback but part of the blame for his lack of success has to be attributed to Ron Turner. Now you have Kyle Orton in Denver doing what he should have been doing in Chicago. But the Bears are so focused on a qb managing the game that he never gets to show what he can do, throw the ball down the field. To be honest, with Cutler the Bears will be a 9-7 team this year. They were a 9-7 team last year with Orton so what exactly have they done to better this team? With Ron Turner calling the plays and Orton still at quarterback the Bears would be lucky to finish with a winning record. Enough with the prime time games already the Bears are not even on the level of the Minnesota Vikings right now.

Speaking of the the Vikings they are getting so much hype because of Brett Favre. The truth is that team would do well with or without Brett Favre. I could probably play for that team as long as all I have to do is hand off to Adrian Peterson or throw a short pass to Percy Harvin and watch him go.

Frankly Jay Cutler is who has kept the Bears respectable at this point. The defense is a strong defense as usual but I wish Lovie Smith would stop saying that, "we come off the bus running." That hasn't been the case for years. The Bears haven't had an NFL offensive line since Thomas Jones was here which in my opinion is why we lost the stinking Super Bowl in '07 besides Peyton Manning picking our defense apart. The Bears are what I thought they were the same old team but with a franchise quarterback. That's all you hear nowadays. We finally have a "Franchise Quarterback." The truth is we had one before but with our bad play calling he never got a chance to flourish. Also let's not jump on Cutler for his turnovers. If we had a decent running game we wouldn't have to rely on the pass so much. But until some personnel changes are made on the offensive side of the ball the offense will continue to be, well, offensive.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rush Away From Limbaugh As Fast As Possible

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday October 13 2009

Rush Away From Limbaugh As Fast As Possible

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday October 13 2009

If Rush Limbaugh wants to own a professional franchise let him go to the UFL where no one will notice that one of the biggest race baitors is leading a franchise. Since it will soon be defunct, I say hell let him have the entire league.
For years minority professional athletes have been asking to be treated fairly and respected for the contributions they have made on and off the field. They have been asking for years to be remembered for coaching and ownership opportunities when their playing careers are done. They make up such a large percentage of the professional population in the four biggest sports in the U.S. and many have admitted they cannot have winning programs without these same minority players. Baseball once had a racist past and many of their members who espoused racist views are in the hall of fame and no one thinks to remove them because of their beliefs but rewarded them for what they did on the field. Though we have moved years beyond those days the numbers of minority coaches in major division one college sports has lagged regardless of legislation or rules passed to make them a part of the search process in replacing a coach that has left a program/team. Now you are asking players to consider playing for a man who makes much of his money degrading minorities and has stated that he hopes the first black/mixed race president this country has ever had fails. If President Obama fails the country fails. While Limbaugh has not said he wants the country to fail because if it does then who will come out to watch any team he might own play? I cannot imagine that there are many fans who come out now to support the St. Louis Rams who look like they will be the next team to lose 16 games in a season. For any minority athlete I would consider it a slap in the face to let this man who once told a black caller to his show to "take the bone out of his nose" own a professional franchise.

I am a Chicago Cubs fan and I remember when there was a huge buzz about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban possibly purchasing the Cubs. It was said he would be a black mark on the sport of baseball with his flamboyant ways and that other owners in baseball would not allow that to happen. I could not imagine that NFL owners would allow Rush Limbaugh to own an NFL team especially after his remarks that the liberal media wants a black quarterback to succeed. If a man whose only flaw is that he is free with his money and feels that it allows him to yell at referees during games is too divisive to own a baseball franchise what makes you think it would be a good idea to let Rush Limbaugh own any professional franchise?

If not for black players there would be not professional leagues. As it stands most players in the NHL are from Canada and Russia. Take a god look at hockey and realize what the other major sports would look like if minority players decide they would not play. Considering that they are basically regarded as not intelligent enough to be in positions of power as it was once believed that they were not smart enough to even play quarterback. I agree this is the land of opportunity but someone once told me that people can think you are a fool until you open your mouth and prove them right. Guess what Rush, you opened your mouth one too many times and it has come back to bite you. Stick to politics and pills and leave sports to those who at least keep their bigotry behind closed doors.