Monday, September 28, 2009

I Drank The Miami Kool Aid Too!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Monday September 28 2009

The question in the days leading up to the Va. Tech game was, "Is the "U" back?

I wanted to believe that they were. I've been a huge fan since the bad old days when they were destroying their opponents and self destructing at the same time for believeing that they ouldn't be stopped. As bad as those days were they were one of the most feared football programs in college football. This is a different Hurricane program now. It seems as if college football is down if Miami isn't in the top ten and showing up in fatigues for a bowl game. I was one of them who drank the Kool Aid believing they would run and pass all over the Hokies. But as they say this is why they play the games. I saw the score of the Va. Tech game against Nebraska and felt that they would have trouble scoring points against this miami defense and the Hurricane offense would certainly put up 30 or more. Instead they were down 21-0 at half and didn't put up much of a showing in the second half even though they had plenty of chances to score. Dropped balls many of them did them in in the second half as they were already looking to the Oklahoma game. What makes this loss particularly difficult is that it would have put Miami with a solid lead in the conference regardless of what happens against Oklahoma. With the chance that Bradford wouldn't play the "Canes could have been 4-0 and they would have no choice but to roll through the weak ACC Conference. They can still be 3-1 after the Oklahoma games just as much as they can be 2-2 after the Oklahoma game at Landshark Stadium. At that point they begin to fade from the national scene and can only play for a chance to be the big name in some little known bowl game like the Papa Johns Bowl. As they say that is why they play the games.