Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sosa Tests Positive? What Took You So Long?

Written by Godfrey Logan, Wednesday June 17 2009

The fact that Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003 is no surprise to any one in the city of Chicago. Many of us are saying what took so long for the info to get out?

I was never a fan of Sammy Sosa. I never liked a one dimensional player who can only hit a homer or strike out. He was a serviceable outfielder but that was about it. 2003 was the same year that Sosa got busted for the corked bat. I guess it wasn't a very good year for him. I was in Washington D.C. when the hearings were held and Sosa let his lawyer speak for him as if Sammy suddenly forgot how to speak english. I always thought he was a selfish schmuck and overrated in many ways. I'm sick of hearing that he and Mark Mcguire saved baseball with their homerun exploits when I doubt fans would have stayd away from ball parks during the summer when there is nothing else worth watching. Baseball has been around for far too long for people to stay away.

Bud Selig should take much of the blame for the steroids era since I'm sure he knew this was going on but didn't want to miss out on the revenue from all the packed ball parks during the historic homerun chase.

Another person who shouldn't get a pass is Jose Canseco who only wrote his books to out people because no team would pick him up to allow him to get a chance to hit his 500th homerun. He did it to stick it to baseball when he was a cheat himself.

It's hard to look at any player anymore and not wonder if he has ever been on steroids which is not fair to the majority of players who have played the game the right way. They should release the rest of the names on the list and get it over with and let the chips fall where they may. That might cause fans to stay away from ballparks more than anything.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Since End Of Jordan Era NBA Isn't Worth Watching

Written by Godfrey Logan, Friday June 12 2009

It's impossible to count the number of Hall Of Famers on both hands or feet how many Hall of Famers are in the HOF or wil be from the so called "Jordan Era."

The Bulls began their great dynasty by defeating the best team in basketball the Los Angeles Lakers which had Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabar and James Worthy in 1991. In subsequent years every team the Bulls faced in the NBA Finals had one or more future Hall of Famers on the team. Clyde Drexler of the Blazers. Gary Payton of the Seattle Supersonics. Charles Barkley and "Thunder Dan Majerle of the Phoenix Suns. Karl Malone and John Stockton of the Utah Jazz. I cannot forget the stars they faced along the way to get to the FInals. Reggie Miller of the Pacers. Alonzo Mourning of the Charlotte Hornets and Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks. Not to mention how many of those players were never won championships because of the Jordan led Bulls.

Those were days when if your team had been eliminated you would still watch the rest of the playoffs. The level of excitement never waned. Now when the Bulls are eliminated once again early in the playoffs I stop watching. That's when baseball season begins for me. I could care less that the Kobe Bryant is on the verge of winning a championship for the first time without Shaq something neither Michael Jordan nor Scottie Pippen could do without one another. How many players from this current era will become Hall of Famers? In an era when there are singular dominant players on teams while the teams in Jordans era had multiple stars on their teams. An era which produced the best team in NBA history.

This era will be remembered more for selfish players than for who were the champions. Phil Jackson will be remembered as possibly the best coach in NBA history but more coaches will be remembered for being fired because the management took the side of their overpaid players.