Monday, May 11, 2009

There Must Be Something In The Air!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Monday May 11 2009

This baseball season really has me flabbergasted. Everyone says it’s early but it seems as if some of these divisions are going to come down to the last week. With some many teams barely over .500 anybody will be in right up until the end. I kind of like it this way because no matter how much teams struggle they’re never out of it.
A lot of teams have come back to earth that started out hot like the mariners and padres. Even the Marlins have come back to the pack. But what is driving me crazy is how some of these teams are getting beat so bad that they’re throwing position players in to pitch like it’s little league all over again when coaches called in the right fielder to pitch. This is one the craziest starts to a season I have ever seen but that should tell you that the finish will be just as crazy.

While were talking about finishes how about the NBA playoffs? Outside of the Cleveland- Atlanta series and now the Denver-Dallas series the other series could go either way and not the way many people have picked them to go. I thought the Magic would spank the Celtics but that series has gone back and forth. Though it’s not as thrilling as the series between the Bulls and Celtics but it’s possible that one could go to seven games as well. The Rockets Lakers series is another series difficult to predict. The thought around the league was that the Lakers at full strength with Andrew Bynum would cruise through to the Championship series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But Cleveland is the only one living up to the hype. The irony is that Tracy McGrady has not made it past the first round since he’s been in the league. The year they make it past the first round he is injured and cannot help his team. They’ve also lost Yao Ming and they keep winning. Am I the only one not surprised by this? A few years ago the Rockets lost Yao Ming to a season ending injury and they reeled off twenty consecutive victories. Though I am one of those people who tend to turn off sports once my team is eliminated this year might be one of those years to keep watching. In the meantime the Chicago Blackhawks are one win away from going to the Western Conference Finals in hockey so it’s going to be some hard decisions made in the next few weeks.