Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop Hating On Yankees Spending

Written by Godfrey Logan, Friday January 09 2009

There doesn't need to be a salary cap in baseball.

I am certainly no fan of the Yankees. I'm one of those guys who feel a dynasty has to end otherwise a sport can get stale. The knock against the Yankees has been that they buy their players but when was the last time the Yankees won a World Series? What there needs to be in baseball is some sort of salary structure that makes a team have to spend money to put a competitive product on the field. Sure there is the fact that some markets don't have the money to spend like the Yankees but there are and have always been quality free agents that can turn around the fortunes of a team. Look at the Minnesota Twins and The Tampa Bay Rays. Granted they are a teams that have built their success through their farm system but they do go out and sign free agents at positions they need to fill. And both of these teams play in two of the toughest divisions in baseball, the American League East and Central. Every fan looks forward to opening day and the hopes that their team will have done enough to put a competitive team on the field and that they will do what's necessary to sign and retain their players whether they are acquired through trade or through free agency or their farm system. For years the Cubs have the lovable losers snapping out of it to playoffs from time to time. Some teams have not been so lucky. The Brewers finally made the playoffs for the first time since the 1980's. When was the last time the Kansas City Royals made the playoffs? Often times it comes down to ownership willing to spend the money on their players. A good General Manager who can go out and find the right players make the right trades. No one needs to spend nearly a billion dollars on their players but everyone should be glad when a team is willing year in and year out to do what they have to do to win. The goal is always to win a championship and many teams have won World Series since the last time the Chicago Cubs was even in a World Series. I've said that if the Cubs were to win one I'd said I wouldn't care what they do after that but the Kansas City Royals haven't made the playoffs since their World Series Victory in 1985 over the Stl. Louis Cardinals in the I-70 series. Baseball is an ever evolving sport but in my opinion it takes some ingenuity and risk to build a team but it is more obvious when a franchise isn't even trying as opposed to a team that may be trying too hard.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Not Sign Bonds Next?!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday January 06 2009

Cubs sign major league derilect Milton Bradley to break up the mainly right handed Cubs lineup. What's next Bears sign Terrell Owens or The White Sox sign Barry Bonds?

Pending a physical Thursday, Milton Bradley could become the newest member of Chicago baseball's Legion Of Doom with With Manager Lou Piniella and Pitcher Carlos Zambrano on the northside and Manager Ozzie Guillen on the Southside. It had been said the Cubs are a bunch of nice guys worn out by the expectation to end the 100 year championship drout and they need someone to come in and shake things up a little bit. As if a fight between Zambrano and former Cub catcher Michael Barret during a game in 2007 wasn't enough . Yes that Michael Barret who can be remember for laying a punch on a White Sox player after a collision at the plate. Now that the Cubs have Bradley who is the next derilect to be signed by a Chicago team? There was talk last season of Kobe Bryant coming to the Bulls and a number people swore they would never go to a game with Bryant in a Bulls uniform. A selfish guy who never passes the ball and has the nerve to consider himself the next Michael Jordan. There was even talk of him purchasing Jordans Highland Park home. What about Terell Owens? The Bears have a serious need for a number one wide receiver. Could you imagine Owens following Kyle Orton up and down the sideline complaining about not getting the ball or the way the ball was trhown to him? That would have been worth it when Rex Grossman was quarterback but with the Bears finally having a decent quarterback, and I do mean decent I think more fans would come to Ortons aide than Owens. How many websites would be set up to run Owens out of town from the very beginning. There is a reason that players like Bradley and Owens and Bonds are villified in sports. Even Kobe Bryant. It isn't that they are not talented or that they cannot be the spark that helps a team reach a goal or make them better at a position they were seriously lacking. Bradley hit over .300 last year for the Texas Rangers with a high on base percentage and hit 20 plus homeruns but it's not so easily forgotten that he rushed the broadcast booth of the Kansas Royals to get at a broadcaster who had made disparaging comments about Bradley. You can find videos of his tirades on the net as well as any other player and know what evil your way comes. Like I've said I'll be at games this year with a sign counting down to Bradleys first outburst. Chicago Cub fans are some of the most vocal fans in sports regarded as some of the most voroacious and loyal fans in sports. We have no problem booing a guy for striking out with the bases loaded. Will we see him going into the stands like a former Chicago player Ron Artest a fight started by another former Bull Ben Wallace, flipping fans the bird or what I would consider the main event, a fight with Carlos Zambrano with Lou Piniella being the undercard?
Last One Turn The Lights Out

Written by Godfrey Logan, Friday January 02 2009

Another Frustrating End To A Season In Chicago!

I declare the Chicago Blackhawks had better not only make the playoffs but they had better at least make the second round. There are many seasons in Chicago. In some cases we go through each of them in a single day. There is winter Spring Summer Fall and construction season in Chicago. For sports it's Baseball, Football, Hockey (again finally) and Basketball. Well baseball was a complete disaster where for the first time with both teams in first place and winning their respective divisions we were looking for a Cubs v.s. White Sox world Series. Fans of both teams in the city thought we could decide once and for all which baseball team is the darling of the city. For years the Cubs have ben the cities darlings as lovable losers. While the White Sox won a World Series in 2005 it has been basicallys wept under the rug. As Sox Manager Ozzie Smith put it in one his many profanity laced tirades, "we win the World Series we still aren't s**t in this city." Since the 2005 series Cub fans have help the Cubs to sell out every season since then with the hopes that the team would have done enough to rid them of the horrible taste left from the south siders victory. Not so and with two seasons with 90 plus losses since then. Then came the '07 and '08 seasons with back to back winning seasons and division championships. Then two consecutive seasons of first round sweeps. On the south side the chant, "at least we won one more than the Cubs did." And that was enough for them losing 3 of 4 to the Devil Rays. Then comes football season but a season where as I'd written before there were no hopes for the Bears to win over 5 games this season. We finally had a decent quarterback and a solid running back. An up and down season winning games we weren't expected to win and losing games we were supposed to win. Need I mention Tampa, Atlanta, and Green Bay? I won't go into what happened in those games other than to say whoever was in charge of our defense and our offense should not be in the same position next year.

The Bulls had the lottery ball bounce their way giving them the #1 pick in the draft. Excitement and exhallation all over the city. The only problem is that basketball is a team sport that requires 5 playerson the ourt at the same time. While we do believe Derrick Rose is our savior we are reminded that he cannot play the schedule by himself. With Ben Gordon in contract talks over the off season that had people wondering what's the problem? What is so hard to figure out how much a guy who cannot play defense? While he is a good scorer he is no Derrick Rose and doesn't deserve to make more money than a guy who is going to be a bench player his whole career. I know the saying goes anyone has a chance when they make the playoffs but do we really want this Bulls team to make the playoffs? Sure it is a chance to see more of Derrick Rose this season but once again he cannot take on the number 1 seed Boston by himself so we look forward to baseball season.

The Cubs are currently in pursuit of Milton Bradley. Just what we need a nut job in the club house. The general thought is the Current Cubs team is far too nice and Bradley would come in and shake things up. I'll be in the stands with a sign reading, "Countdown to Bradley's blow up and/or first flip off of the fans who tend to boo like mad when a player makes a bonehead play. I say the Cubs players are far too sensitive and over paid. Carlos Zambrano had what could be considered the highlight of the entire season with his no hitter at Miller Park versus the Astros then he proceeded to lose nearly every game he pitched after that. Part of that can be understood after he lost a family member soon after his feat. But the rest of the team forgot how to play baseball after that great milestone. Not to mention the fact the Cubs sold all of their playoff tickets to brokers to be sold way over face value pricing out the fans who supported them the whole season. I would say Karma had a role to play in that series and made that loss easier to swallow for me. Right now I'm looking forward to the NFL playoffs where I can stand to stomach watching other teams play. I could not do that with baseball. I guess I'm not a real fan. But football playoff games are events. I'm pretty much spent by the end of baseball season to watch anymore not to mention the fact my boss actually asked me in a sincere fashion what is it that keeps me following the Cubs every year? I shrug and say to myself keep my misery mind when it comes time for pay raises. As the Calendar turns to a new year and it's just a couple of months before pitchers and catchers report and tickets go on sale. I know this year I won't be one of the sheep that flood the website and box office to buy tickets. I'll find a friend who has an extra one he cannot sell around september, the final weeks of the season and I have nothng else to do but spend a few hours of my time watching them implode and hear that familiar refrain. Wait until next year.