Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We'll Take It!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday December 23 2008

Bears fans will take ugly win.

Not since Rex Grossman has a Bears Qb played like him and still won a game. Orton had two interceptions last night one late in the game which seemed to have all but sealed the Bears fate. But there was that defense of legends the Bears have been known for that showed up and got the ball back to give Orton another chance to win the game. You have to throw the records out when these two teams play considering one of the teams in the last three seasons has been out of playoff contention when they played like New Years Eve of 2006 when the Bears lost to the Packers supposedly because Rex Grossman had his mind on plans for his New Years Eve party after the game. And ofcourse this season when the last time the Packers won a game was November 16th against the Bears at Lambeau Field. They have now lost 5 games in a row including last night. With this victory the Bears and Vikings have the same record at 9-6. They still have to win versus the Texans on Sunday to help their own cause for getting into the playoffs for if they lose their season is done. But they still have to rely on the Vikings to lose at home against the Giants on Sunday in order for them to get into the playoffs by way of winning the division. The question is how long will the Giants play their starters since they have already clinched a playoff spot? The Bears have surpassed expectations this year by having a 9-6 record. In the preseason they were not expected to have more than 5 wins for the season. A big victory agains the Colts in Indy gave fans hope this would be a magical season. After losses to three of the best teams in the NFL, Carolina, Tampa and Atlanta three winnable games thier only hopes of making the post season rested in winning the division. With that still being the case Bears fans today are breathing a sigh of relief that as ugly as last nights game was including the weather the Bears not only defeated the hated Packers but kept their post season hopes alive. The city of Chicago is saying "we'll take it."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Team Will Beat Bulls Record

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday December 16 2008 playerpress.com

Is any sports record still sacred and what will it take to break some of the biggest?

I once believed no one would break the homerun record held by Hank Aaron. I still do not believe that Barry Bonds should be recognized for breaking it. Though many say it's a different time, athletes are faster and stronger than they used to be but it still seems that one would have to cheat to break the records that have been held sacred for decades in eras where seasons were shorter ecpecially in baseball and in some cases ball parks bigger than they are now. Hank Aaron never hot over 40 homers in a single season while breaking the record once held by Babe Ruth while it took Barry Bonds needing a seaon where he hit over 70 homeruns and possible performance enhancing drugs to break Aarons record. Now he is villified for being a prick selfish and a cheater. Afterall the only thing Hank Aaron faced was threats on his life if he broke he record. While some records are meant to be broken three records that still stand that I believe will never be broken is Cal Ripkens Iron man streak for consecutive games played, Joe Dimaggios streak of 55 consecutive games played and the 72-10 regular season record held by the Chicago Bulls. So far the closes team to have come close to that record was the Dallas Mavericks who went 62-20 in 2006. The Boston Celtics have just two losses currently and the Lakers have 3 losses. What are the chances that either one of these teams can go without losing 2 or three more games to at least tie the 1995-1996 Bulls for the best record in basketball. And just like the 1972 Dolphins it isn't good enough to through an entire season undefeated in their case but a team also has to win the Championship. The Bulls in the 1995-96 season lost just three games in the playoffs and finished the season 87-13. In this era of the NBA what are the chances a team could even come close to what the Bulls had accomplished. As with many teams in the pass who have had notable success you have to have a team full of characters. Is there a 2000's Dennis Rodman known not just for his talent but for his antics? Which NBA player is willing to show up to a book signing in drag? Is there a 2000's Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, two guys who need each other to win but stand head and shoulders above the league in talent? Kobe Bryant might fashion himself the next Michael Jordan but in the end I believe he will be regarded as a overrated schmuck and Lebron James could surpass Michael Jordan as possibly the best to play the game but he is going to have to win a few titles first. In my opinion no one will ever do what the Bulls did and that's the way it should be.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Peavy Would Have Been Nice For Cubs But Not The Answer!

Written by Godfrey Logan, Monday December 15 2008

Cubs Pull out of Peavy Trade but more pitching is not what they need.

Cubs pull out of trade For Jake Peavy because the Padres were asking too much. Cubs manager Lou Pinniella said he personally wasn't looking to add another arm to the already solid pitching staff and is looking for a left handed bat to add to the middle of the lineup. Several people have said that was what doomed th Cubs in the playoffs in 2008 where they were swept in the first round by a National League West foe in consecutive years. Lead off hitter Alfonso Soriano was quoted as saying the team was not built for a short series but he'd forgotten the Cubs had at one time during the season won nine consecutive series. Maybe he had forgotten this fact for he was injured for much of the season and many of the series were won while he was on the d.l. No matter what excuse they make or what changes the fron office makes to the team for the 2009 season what the need are guys who are able to remember what it was that had gotten them there in the first place after they had won a National League best 97 games, timely hitting and great pitching. It was as if they fell asleep and thinking the season would somehow go on after they were swept by the Dodgers. Somehow there would be another chance to redeem themselves. Alas that was not the case. They played as if the were under a lot of presusre. Pressure to end the 100 year world series droubt that most of them weren't even around to witness. And you know what they say about presure, it busts pipes, which might be the reason there was a rumor that someone on the Cubs team busted up some pipes in the visitor lockeroom of Dodgers Stadium. The Baseball season is one of the most grueling seasons in sports because of the amounts of games they play in a season. Many fans of the Cubs are a bit worn out and weary of what will happen in 2009 but there will still be another record year for attendance. Many will still take the wait and see attitude however as they were 2008 was the year. As long as there is baseball there will be fans showing up to historic Wrigley Field to cheer on their team but as my mother used to say, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will Tebow Go the Way of Florida Quarterbacks?

Written by Godfrey Logan, Tuesday December 09 2008

Tim Tebow is the most recent of the quarterbacks from a school in the state of Florida who has won the Heisman on a program but will his career go the same way of other quarterbacks of from schools in that state.

The three biggest college football programs in the state of Florida are Miami, Florida and Florida state. It seems that kids who have played quarterback at those schools have not fared well in the NFL. The last one to have some success is former number 4 pick Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears and formerly of the Florida Gators. Grossman helped lead the Bears to the Superbowl in 2006 but he is booed everytime he takes the field. Before that it was Bernie Kosar and Vinnie Testeverde both former Miami Hurricanes. Neither one of them got to a Super Bowl with their respective teams. The most recent quarterback from a Florida school before Tebow who won the Heisman was Chris Weinke who in his first season with the Carolina Panthers won just one game going 1-15. No one knows what has happened to him since. Ken Dorsey Won a national Championship with the Miami Hurricanes in 2002 and played for another one in 2003 losing that one to the Ohio State Buckeye and now he is a third stringer for the Cleveland Browns. Dorsey lost just one game in his career the national title game against Ohio State but has been a back up for the Forty Niners and the Cleveland Browns having played his first meaningful snaps this season because of injury. For Tebow his playing style might be a detriment to him. He is a tough runner and that's what most NFL coaches will be looking at him to do in the league not asking him to run an offense but pick up the tough yards in short yardage situation. He doesn't have much of an arm to run an offense in the NFL. While it will be a big deal that he may be only the second player to win the heisman twice since Archie Griffith of Ohio State and possibly be known as the greatest college player in history it will remain to be seen how his success translates to the pro game.