Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Acc Is Tops!
by Godfrey Logan
Nov 18 2008
This from a fan who is ecstatic that the "U" has once again cracked the top 25 in football for the first time in nearly two seasons.

I was recently asked which conference is the best conference in college football. While it probably comes down to who you play inside and outside of your conference the answer after checking on the current college football and standings and the top 25 rankings the answer I have come up with is the ACC! Below I have a break down of all the major college conferences for college football and while some teams have incredible records and a ranked higher than some the Acc is the most balance of all the conferences.

ACC has 12 teams. Big Ten has 11. Sec has 12 teams as does the Big 12.

The ACC has 8 teams over .500 (Miami, Maryland, Ga. Tech, Fsu, Wake, Bc, Unc, and Va. Tech.) with two teams at .500 (Virginia., and Clemson) and two under.500 (Duke, and NC State). So basically ten teams at .500 or better.

The Big ten has 7 teams over .500 (Psu, Osu, Msu, Iowa, Nu, Minn. And Wisconsin.) and 4 teams under .500 (Illinois, Purdue, Iu and Mich.) Basically 7 teams at .500 or better which is equal to the big 12.

As a matter of fact the Sec has the same amount of winning teams as the Acc but more teams under .500 than the Acc. The only thing that makes the Sec better is that they have two undefeated teams.

The thing that makes things somewhat even between the Big Ten and Acc is that the ACC has more 3 loss teams. While the ACC Championship game is not as hallowed as the other conferences that have conference championship games like the Big 12 and the SEC it is likely that the ACC will possibly have more bowl eligible teams than any other conference.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The "U" IS Back
by Godfrey Logan

Nov 14 2008
After a few down years the University of Miami is on the rise. Taking advantage of a weak conference and a smothering defense the "canes beat Va. Tech sacking their quarterbacks 6 times including on the final play of the game with Va. Tech in a 4th and three situation and only needing a field goal to win the game. Miami has now won 5 games in a row after a 2-3 start to the season. Currently they are in first in the Costal Division of the ACC. Many former players including Edgerrin James who has a family member on the current 'Canes roster were honored in a ceremony of the ring of fame during the game last night and were treated to a victory which was a different outcome from last year when many former players showed up for the final game at the old orange bowl and Miami was shut out by a very good Virginia team. What a difference a year makes. This year Miami has a chance to paly for a conference title as well as a New Years day bowl. But let's not get ahead of ourselves they have two more games to play and both of them are on the road against Georgia Tech and Nc. State. Go 'Canes.
The Bulls Are In Trouble Without A Big Man
by Godfrey Logan

Nov 12 2008
The Bulls don't just need any big man they need an Amare Stoudamire type big man. A man with speed and can pass to compliment Center Aaron Grey. Joakim Noah may be a hustler and hard worker but he is not a top quality big man/forward. Tyrus Thomas also is not a top quality forward though he has some nice dunks. Not to mention someone needs to tell him to stop shooting jumpshots. I realize that the Bulls have a new offense to learn but as they have been since the days of Scott Skiles they are hampered by the lack of a quality big man to compete in the weak eastern conference. As we have seen no one can stop the new Shaq in Dwight Howard. So instead of trying to stop him why not just out run him? The Bulls offense works well for the team they have with the passing and the speed with the talented Derrick Rose running that ofense. Hinrich is thriving in this offense as well as Ben Gordon. They do well when they are on the court at the same time as Rose and are scoring in the double digits. The only star who is struggling a bit in this offense is Luol Deng. Shots for him have been hard to go down for him though it's early in the season and I believe he will get hot and his struggles will be a thing of the past. He has changed his game from what it was before where he was shooting short range jump shots. He's shooting beyond the arc again and he is struggling with it. Once he gets comfortable he can help carry this team along with Nocioni who has played the power forward position for this team but he is undersized. No one can refute that Rose has helped to raise the quality of play on this team but they could possibly be undefeated right now before the upcoming West coast Circus trip out west. It's time for GM John Paxson to make some trades to bring in talent at the power forward position especially to complement Drew Gooden and Aaron Grey. If a move is not made soon the rest of the pack will run away from this team and they will find themselves around .500 and on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs at the end of the season.