Friday, October 31, 2008

SEC is good but Big 12 is hot!
by Godfrey Logan

The top 3 conferences in college football in my opinion are the Big 12, SEC, and Big Ten. Coming into the season people touted the SEC to be hands down the best conference in college football and the Big 12 a distant second. With some of the blowouts in the Big 12 over the weekend I would say that the Sec has been surpassed big time.

There are possibly more ranked teams in the conference with Texas being the number one team in the country though there is plenty more football left to play. Of all the major sports I enjoy college football the most, because of all the scoring. I hate some of the scores in other sports like baseball. I know people love to watch a pitchers duel and a 3-2 score. Not me. There are nine over paid players on the field and you cannot tell me that you can only score a total of 5 runs in a game. In the NFL some low scoring games can be exciting but you can only stand a 15-12 or 22-20 score for so long before you want to see your team run away with a game putting up 30 or more points on offense and dominating on defense. This weekend there was just one game in the big twelve where neither team scored more than 30 points and it was also the most competitive game in the conference. The Texas v.s. Oklahoma State score was 28-24. In the three other games in the Big 12 the winning team scored no less than 58 points. The school that got the worst of it was Colorado who didn't score a single point against Mizzou who put up 58 points. The highest amount of points was scored by Texas Tech who put up 63 points. Their next opponent is Texas who put up 45 on Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout and 56 on Missouri the following week.

In the SEC it was Florida putting up 63 on Kentucky and Georgia putting up 58 on LSU.
It's not a prerequisite to prove how good your team or conference is by how many blowouts there are in a given week or season but there was a time in college football when the margin of victory determined where your team played in the post season. If you were to look at the teams on the low side of the blow outs in the Big 12 this season more often than not they were in the top 25. It may be a conference without defense but I'd like to see what would happen if teams outside the Big 12 were to take on some of these teams from the Big 12. I belive the result would be the same. I am looking forward to the Texas, Texas Tech battle next weekend and it's possible that both teams could score over 50 points. It's possible that neither a Big Ten or SEC team will play for the national championhip this year though ofcourse the last time a Big 12 team played for the big game it was 2005, Texas against USC. The final point total was 79 points.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

What Are The Bulls Going To Do?
by Godfrey Logan
Oct 13 2008
What are the Bulls to do in this slipping time in Chicago?

The heralded Blackhawks are 0-2 after the first weekend on the NHL. The Bears are finding ways ways to lose games. Baseball is over on both sides of the city. What are the Bulls going to do for us?

Illinois has a top five recruiting class for the first time since the 2005 run to the Ncaa championship. What are these teams going to do to lift the spirit of the fans of the state. The Bears are beat up with injuries but somehow manage to keep themselves in ball games only to give it away at the end. Going from believeing the Bears wouldn't have a winning season now many believe they are underachieving. I've heard it said the Bears could be 6-0 right now. I wouldn't say that I would say 4-2.

If soccer was considered a major sport in the city there would be huge buzz for the Fire who has once again made the post season. There has not been much of a buzz for soccer since the World Cup in the nineties and the Chicago Sting of the old North American Soccer League.

With the #1 overall pick in Chicago native Derrick Rose has given the city a bit of hope to compete in a league that is now dominated by star point guards like former Illinois star Derron Williams of the Utah Jazz and Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. And with first year coach Vinnie Del Negro whom I call Vinnie the Black dealing with a undersized team, has an uptempo philosphy much like the Phoenix Suns. The problem is that this team is overloaded with guards and neither of the 7 footers on the team considered a threat to any of the leagues big men like Orlando's Dwight Howard who could put both Aaron Gray and Joakim Noah through the basket because he is a man beast.

With the group the Bulls have they can win without the distractions of contracts as what affected Luol Deng and Ben Gordon and hopefully less of the selfishness that plagued the team last year. So after a month of super highs and super lows the city is looking for one of its teams to lift their spirits and put the month of October behind them, asking what are the Bulls going to do?

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Cub Factor
by Godfrey Logan
Oct 13 2008
Not everything is always the Cubs fault, is it?

Yes it is over for the Cubs, busted pipes and all. Allegedly. It has been for at least a week now and the Cubs are getting blamed for everything going wrong even when it has nothing to do with Baseball. Saturday Night Live skits and the Daley Show tying them to politics. Or their fans to being morons for holding on for so long only to have them break your heart time and again. I was introduced to the Cub factor after the 88 world series where Kirk Gibson famous hit a walk off game winning home run for the Dodgers against the Oakland A's when the man could barely walk. He hit the home run off of Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley. Yes that Dennis Eckersley that had previously pitched for the Cubs. He was a reliever for Oakland after stinking as a starter for the Cihicago Cubs. Over the years since then the theory had grown.

In almost every major league post season series after the Cubs have long been eliminated from post season contention or from the post season a game or series has been decided, won or lost by a former Cub player. Now you may say that could be the case for any team considering players are moving about constantly and any teams former player could be a factor. But with the recent woes of the Cubs it is safe to say that it shouldn't be ignored.

Right now the Dodgers and Phillies have several former Cubs on their roster from short timers like Juan Pierre and Nomar Garciaparra to players that got their first big league starts with the Cubs like Jamie Moyer and Greg Maddux. Also it doesn't have to be on the field of play for them to earn their infamy. A couple of names mentioned or busted for steroid use include Neifi Perez and Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro. Sosa, a part of the duo credited for bringing baseball back to popularity with his historic home run battles with Mark Mcguire though Mc Guire was busted and Sosa was just accused by most of baseball and his fans in Chicago. Not to mention the corked bat incident where he supposedly grabbed the wrong bat.

And Rafael Palmeiro who pointed a finger at Congress and swore he had never used steroids when it came out that he had allegedly tested positive just days before a celebration for his milestone of hitting 500 homers and 3000 hits.

Basically they find ways to be the butt of jokes no matter the occasion they will always fit in somewhere.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Bears, Sox, and Bulls Blackhawks Town
by Godfrey Logan
Oct 06 2008
A quick recap of things going on in Chicago... minus the Cubs.

Bears are in first place of the NFC North by themselves, The White Sox are still in the playoffs and the Bulls are getting ready to kick off with much excitement about their first round draft pick in Derrick Rose. There is even a huge buzz for the Blackhawks. Notice that the Cubs have not been mentioned. For many years this was a Cubs town even though there are two baseball teams in Chicago until football and basketball seasons start and the baseball divisions go away. A Cubs town no matter how many times the Cubs could choke in the post season. But mark my words the Cubs will be nothng but a whisper in the city next baseball season with the amount of defections south.

But the Bears had their most complete victory so far this season against a Lions team that beat the Bears twice last season including getting outscored by 30 points in the fourth quarter of one game last season at Soldier field. The Black hawks have been non existent in Chicago with many people going to more Chicago Wolves games. The Wolves are the minor league team in Chicago who have made the playoffs every season since their inception and have won two league chmpionships since 1994 the year of their inception. The beauty of a multi sport town is that if one or two let you down like the Cubs and the jury is still out on he Bulls you still have a few teams to fall back on.

While I may not be a hockey fan I might be sporting a Blackhawks sweater this year. The Bears will get my full attenion until he nba season tips off. And if all of these teams disappoint then there are the college sports.

Illinois won for the first time in years at Michigan setting a new record at the Big House in yardage with 431 in a 45-20 victory. Believed to be headed to another post season bowl game perhaps not the Rose Bowl like last year but possibly still a new years day game. Look at northwestern ranked 22nd and undefeated after beating Iowa on the road last weekend. While I do believe that Penn State will win the Big Ten conference NU and Illinois will certainly have something to say in the outcome. While those are not Chicago sports it gives fans from the state of Illinois something to cheer for without as big a let down like the teams in Chicago.

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Last One To Leave Turn Out The Lights
by Godfrey Logan
Oct 06 2008
The Cubs made a quick appearance in the playoffs this year.

That is the mood in Wrigleyville on Monday for those who have not already migrated to the southside to jump on the White Sox band wagon. I on the other hand am a glutton for punishment and will probably buy tickets next year though have no hopes of seeing a world series winner of the Cubs in my lifetime. I just love baseball and I don't know how to cheer for another team. I've heard nearly every joke ever about the Cubs. My favorite, C.U.B.S., for "Completely Useless By September."

For once there is no one yelling about a curse finally we're going to blame the players on the field for choking once again. Choke, that's the only way to put it. Now all that happens is that the die harders will be able to buy tickets because we'll probably go through a period of no sell outs until it actually happens. And I mean it actually happens because until the season ends with the Cubs as baseball champions no one will care. 2003 actually hurt more for me than this year. Because we had proven that we belonged. The Marlins a better team that year had come into Chicago and had been shut down. That's why after losing the first game to the Dodgers I didn't seat it because we'd lost game on to the Marlins in '03. No Bartman this year. No black cats no nothing but choking.

So many of us on the northside cheer for Ernie Banks and Ron Santo and Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg but all of those players except Dawson was involved in some horrific collapse in their careers so they have to watch the different Cub teams try to win it for them. Now what will Ron Santo do in the future? Will he wear his heart on his sleeve like he has for the past few years I listened to his absentmidedness on the radio and thought it was kind of funny but loved the fact he wore his heart on his sleeve for this team he once starred for but he was involved with one of the biggest collapse in team history in 1969 and he was in the on deck circle when the black cat ran past him and the Cubs went on to lose a huge lead over the mets and watch the Mets win the world series that year. The year of the Amazin's.

Perhaps it'll be Santo who will turn off the lights in Wrigleyville. It would only be appropriate. Frankly what happens now I don't really care. I'm numb to the fact that another post season I have to watch another team go all the way. Should I pull for Tampa Bay who have surprised everyone and very well could have been the Cubs opponent in the big series. I guess the problem is that people had the nerve to believe the Cubs would go all the way no question and as the saying goes this is why they play the games.

Now that we've got the first 100 years out of the way let's see what the next 100 brings. Many people forget that the Cubs were once like the Yankees of the early days of baseball. The Cubs won at least 100 games twice and went to ten world series between 1900 and 1945. The Cubs are the second winningest team in baseball and are unlike many other teams in that they've been fairly consistent over the decades of making the playoffs especially recently.

The Milwaukee Brewers had not been to the post season since the early 80's and who can remember the last time the Kansas City Royals made the post season. Baseball will still go on and there will be winners and losers and this won't be the last time the Cubs make the post season and maybe not the last time they choke. It's just a lot less people will care.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Wrigleyville - the mighty Cubs have struck out.

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