Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Get Too Excited Chicago Fans!
by Godfrey Logan

Though the Bears 2 and 2 they are tied with the Green Bay Packers for first place in the division. The Monsters of the Midway won another game Sunday night on paper they were not supposed to. Like the Indianapolis game most people in Chicago did not believe the Bears could handle Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai or Marvin Harrison on offense and Bob Sanders or Dwight Freeney on defense.

One of the Eagles biggest weapons in Brian Westbrook was on the sidelines with an injury but the Eagles still had weapons to work with in Correll Buckhalter and Desean Jackson and that defense is no slouch either.

The Bears had some injuries of their own like Defensive tackle Tommie Harris and Windy City Flyer Devine Hester was far from 100% for this game. But the Bears started fast with three first half touchdowns and the defense was stout as usual stopping Buckhalter on a fourth and goal when Alex Brown came around the end and grabbed ahold of Buckhalter keeping him out of the end zone.

The Bears lost to two teams they should have beaten in Carolina and Tampa Bay who beat the Packers on Sunday assuring a first place tie with the Bears. In both games the Bears had double digit leads only to relinquish it and make those teams look better than they really are. The question in the upcoming weeks is which team is going to show up? But does it really matter when they could conceivably go 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 and win the terrible NFC North.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bears Suck!
by Godfrey Logan
Sep 24 2008
Godfrey talks about the Bears and their short comings.

Before the NFL preseason started a friend of mine made the prediction the Bears record for the 2008-09 season would be 6-10. I thought it ridiculous as the Bears had done what the Green Bay Packers did the year before, finish up by finishing the season on a wining note though missing the playoffs. With a final record for the 2007-08 season of 7-9 being the only team to beat the Packers twice last year.

The defense looked like they would be prominent this season I was sure the Bears would start the season as well as they'd finished but when preseason started the Bears defense looked terrible but the offense looked decent and my hope that they would go 8-8 had me believeing they would be more like 4-12. Well now that we're in week three and having blown two games in which they had a lead that prediction looks like it might come to fruition. There is no such thing as moral victories in sports either you win or you lose.

As the Bears have shown they can play well in the first half of games and then fall asleep when they have the lead. That is the case on both offense and defense. The defense helps the offense to a lead which has been 14 points in the games against Carolina on the road and in their home opener at Soldiers Field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The defense then expects the offense to take over and chew up some time with a huge time of posession and they haven't been able to do that. As my friend had pointed out the Bears have an aging offnsive line a rookie runningback and a quarterback who is supposed to manage the game more than make plays to win it. He forgot an offensive coordinator in Ron Turner who has no idea how to run an NFL offense.

A guy who would pass on running downs and run on passing downs. A ton of boos rained down on Soldier's Field when the Bears choked away the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers allowing a former quarterback to run the two minute offense marching them down the field for a game tying score not to mention getting called for stupid penalties that ended up costing them the game.

Bears players drafted in the past three seasons have barely seen the field and have been cut from the team for a number of reasons like Tank Johnson who after having his house raided for possessing guns without permits and then watching his friend get murdered in a Chicago area night club. From the 2005 draft class the Bears have just one player on the roster remaining, Quarterback Kyle Orton. Most of the Bears players who we're in the Super bowl in 2006 including Tank Johnson are either with other teams out of football, Cedric Benson, Mark Bradley, or are on the Bench, Rex Grossman.

While no one is calling for Head Coach Lovie Smith to be fired fans want to see a team that can hold onto the ball and can hold a lead or we're in for another long season with the tough Philadelphia Eagles coming up on Sunday night.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Godfrey Logan talks about a potential North vs. South World Series. No, not like the Abe Lincoln days, he's talkin' (White) Sox vs. Cubs in a battle for the ages.

Cubs V.S. Sox In The World Series
by Godfrey Logan

It's been many years since the Cubs and White Sox were in first place this late in the season and not since 1906 since the two teams played each other in the World Series. The White Sox won that one 4 games to 2.

With the Bears at 1-2 and no one in the city knowing what to expect from the Bulls and Blackhawks the Chicago has a chance to be the center of the baseball world this October. What would be called the Red Line series it could have an effect that cannot be found in New York, California or Texas, Chicago could collapse in on itself from the from the history surrounding the Cubs world series drout and the sheer dislike of the fans on both sides of the city.

While the Sox play in the secod weakest division in the American league, the American league central and the Cubs play in one of the better divisions in the National league central, the National league remains the weaker of the two leagues with the Aerican league winning the All star game and earning home field advantage in the World Series. But with a weak pitching staff there's no way the White Sox get past Anaheim or Tampa Bay. The fact they have held onto forst place in their division for most of the season means they have done something right like leading all of baseball in homeruns.

I would love to see the Cubs and Sox in an all Chicago World Series and it would show what I've known all along, the Cubs are the best in the city. The Cubs have a deeper team and better pitching staff than most teams in baseball and the best record in the National league but as the 2006 champs the St. Louis Cardinals have shown that doesn't guarantee anything in the post season.

Go Cubs!

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What Has Illinois Told Me About Growth?
by Godfrey Logan
Sep 22 2008

What has the Illinois Fighting Illini told me about their growth from last year? As of now the defense gives up big plays and the offense is missing a good running back to complement Quarterback Juice Williams.

Can they repeat the success of 2007 when they played in the Rose Bowl against USC? I don't think so. Rashard Mendenhall is off to the NFL and both of the Illini's wins are against Eastern Illinois a 1AA school and University of Louisiana from the unheralded Sun Belt conference. Without a good running back all of the offensive decisions rest on the shoulders of Juice Williams who is not a true quarterback. He's a very good athlete but if he has a future in pro football it would not be as a qb but as a wide receiver.

He is what I'd call a system quarterback where his success comes from the system the team runs and outside of the spread offense he could never make it as an under the center drop back type of quarterback in the NFL. If Illinois is to get anywhere this year even with the great recruiting classes they've had since Ron Zook has been in Champaign they won't do it without a running back like Mendenhall who could keep a drive going through Williams mistakes.

As much as Zook tries to keep Williams from having to be in tough situations where he has to throw the ball though he's has done ok so far this season with multiple touchdown passes in their first game against Missouri, the defense gave up 45 points in that game. Without a good running game or the type of defense that carried them to a second place finish in the Big Ten in 2007 Illinois is likely to finsh in the middle of the pack in the Big Ten in 2008.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sep 18 2008
Are the Bears looking super again? That defense sure thinks so.

by Godfrey Logan

Bears Defense looks like Defense of Superbowl Year.
But the offense looked as inept as the second half of that season the 2006-2007 season this past Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. That year Rex Grossman was the quarterback that year who started the season with a plus 100 quarterback rating and finished the year with his rating in the 30's or 40’s.
This year there many differences on offense including a different quarterback and running back but the result is the same with the defense having to once again do much of the scoring.
Two big turnovers by second year tight end out of Miami Greg Olsen and no one is willing to say that it was those two turnovers that cost the Bears the game. They took away momentum from the Bears who at one point in the game had built up a fourteen point lead.
The special teams blocked a punt on the Panthers first possession of the game to set up the bears first touchdown of the game. Another Panther turnover, an interception set up the Bears second touchdown giving them a 17-3 lead.
The Bears defense forced four false start penalties on their first drive but the team was penalized themselves a number of times for blocking in the back on punt returns.
Going into the game they were almost guaranteed a win versus a team that had lost four in a row at home after starting the season on the road. The Bears defense looks good but the offense has a lot of catching up to do.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Good For Cubs!
by Godfrey Logan
Sep 16 2008

With a couple pitching gems against the Astros are the Cubs really saying, "Home sweet, Milwaukee?"

After playing two games in Milwaukee sweeping both games with a no hitter by pitcher Carlos Zambrano and a one hitter by Ted Lilly the Cubs have at least an 8 game lead in the division, it can be said that Hurricane Ike was “very very good” for the Cubs taking a cue from former Cub Sammy Sosa. Before the storm with their offense in the tank all of the pressure had been put on the pitching staff to carry them. While a series win is a series win, 2 of 3 over St. Louis in Missouri and winning series has been their motto since the all star break, Cub nation has been questioning keeping Derrick Lee in the three spot. Sweet Lou has proven what Dusty Baker had proven before him as a manager of the Cubs, regardless of your managing reputation and history, stars will always get star treatment. Considering the fact that Lee leads the national league if not all of baseball in grounding into double plays he remains in the three spot. While he did hit a homerun in Mondays game against the Astros he still has less homeruns than rookie catcher Giovanni Soto finally hitting the 20 homerun plateau on Monday. For a month or more Lee didn’t have an extra base hit and his batting average dipped below .300. Another star getting star treatment but frustrates the hell out of Cub fans is lead off hitter Alfonso Soriano. He’s proved in the past two seasons that he isn’t willing to try hitting in another spot in the lineup so by default he remains in the top slot where he has produced but has never seen a pitch he didn’t like. He’s gone away from what worked for him when he came off his second stint on the dl just after the all star break when he started the second half red hot. What maybe happening is these two stars have been pressing while losing nine out of ten games including a sweep at Wrigley by the same Astros they swept the two game series from. It is said that the playoffs are a whole different story from the regular season but Cub nation would rather see positives from their stars going into the post season. For the last two seasons it has been the role players that have carried the team. The lower half of the lineup while the top of the lineup has had its struggles. There is less pressure going into this post season than last year when the Cubs were swept by Arizona in the first round. Some would say how can that be when a team has not won a World Series in nearly 100 years. But when your number to win the division is down to single digits a team can relax a bit before the playoffs start while other teams are killing themselves just to make it. While Cub fans see some positives in the two game sweep of the Astros they want their stars to show they can be the strength of this team without relying on the pitching staff to do all the work.

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